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Jonathan Adler for Barnes and Noble


This past weekend I went to Barnes and Noble, I needed to do some research about a paper I am working on and the smell of coffee and great books always inspires me on moving forward. Anyways, while walking in the store all the sudden my brain had this “blinking alert” to a small isle full of color and pretty things. You know me I am a sucker for cute stuff and school supplies, so I had to go and take a look around.

The isle said Jonathan Adler for Barnes and Noble, this name ring a bell on me but I was not quite sure, until I got home and googled it. Yes ladies and gents, Jonathan Adler the potter, designer, and author has come with the Multi Flowers and Multi Alphabet Collections sold currently at Barnes and Noble.

These collections include a lot of stuff from Journals, Stationery, Cases, Totes, to Desk Accessories. Everything in the collection is lovely and highlights Adler’s inspiration for Global Pop Culture.

Prices themselves are very inexpensive, I actually had in mind about buying a Moleskine planner (which I was not able to find), but when I saw their little journals I was like WHAT, they are expensive…but that is another story.

So I ended up getting (yes I bought stuff)…

  • Multi Alphabet Mini Key Ring ID Case.
    I was in desperate need of one of these, when I go to the gym I don’t take my purse and I hate taking my wallet; so this little case is perfect it fits my ID, cards and some spare change (just in case), for only $6.95 you cannot go wrong.

  • Jonathan Adler Multi Flowers Journals-Set of 4.
    As I said I wanted to buy a Moleskine planner, but I saw these and for $9.95 I could not say no, they are beautiful, very well made and are perfect for making notes on the go. I would say these make a great option if you are under a budget.

All in all, I fell in love with this collection and I would really recommend if you want to go and check it out.

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