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How to Avoid Case of a Grumpy Cat?

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Remember grumpy cat? You know the cat that has been floating around the internet and stands out for being negative and sarcastic. Well I think I could say I had a case of grumpy cat myself these past few days. It is not normal on me, I am typically a calmed person and I don’t overreact, but I just could not control myself. Now that I think about it and go back I want to reflect on some things in order to avoid it in the future.

How to avoid a grumpy cat case:

  1. First of all I need to start by getting less bothered for others peoples actions. I know, people do things NOT to bother me, their worlds does not evolve around me all the time. So I need to stop taking stuff personal.

  2. I cannot please everyone; not everybody will agree in the same, but that is fine because that makes me unique.

  3. You never know, simple as that. When somebody is in a rush or angry it is easy to judge but you never know what is going on with the other person. Maybe they have family, financial, marital problems. You just never know, so stop judging.

  4. Pick being kind over being right. Yes it is amazing when I am right! But how does it feel if I do it at others expense?…guilty!!! I mean when I tell someone that they are wrong in front of others is just shameful. Sometimes this is subconsciously done; but I need to try to avoid it by thinking before words come to my mouth.

So yep these are my tips hope that they’re helpful as they were for me.

Have you had a grumpy cat case?


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