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Clinique Gives You Freebies


With winter going away and spring coming, I must admit my face was awful. I started breaking out really bad (which I normally don’t) and I my face was suffering. While trying to change soaps, which didn’t work out I remember about Clinique. I used to use Clinique in high school you know the time when you are more prone to have acne and all that, my mom used to buy me their 3 steps. So that would work for me. So the other day I had to go, I was feeling in high school all over again and I needed a solution.

While being there I noticed that they had a promotion. If you’ve been to Clinique counters you know that time to time they come with their gift bags if you buy certain amount of money. Well they had this. If you bought 25.00 USD, you would receive a makeup bag full of goodies. I wanted to go for the 3 steps again, but the little bag already came with a face wash a moisturizer and a night cream that I said I will try their foundation. I’ve never tried a Clinique foundation, but I always wanted to because I had heard good things.

So I went for the Clinique even better foundation. When I saw it I was like this size is very small, but remembered that that is the size of the Chanel Vitalumiere aqua, and that really has lasted me a long time.

My thoughts, well it’s been now 2 weeks since I started using it all together with the soap and I must say my pizza face is gone. I love the day moisturizer because it is a gel which is perfect for my oily skin but makes my face feel hydrated enough. The night cream is very rich as well and does help me a lot. For the foundation I do like it, but it is kind of light to medium coverage, it gives you a very natural look, if you do have some discoloration you will have to go with concealer, which I have to do, but overall I like it.

The makeup bag also came with a trio 2 eyeshadows and 1 blush. Shadows are meh, they were not that pigmented for me so I did have to pack more color, if you have fair skin maybe they will be nice for you. But the blush OMG I love it, and I just wished it was only the blush included.

The lipstick comes in color cranberry glace. It is very nice color as well, they had two different for you to pick this one and a more natural one, but since I am now into bright lips I chose this one. It is a very nice pop of color but not overwhelming. Very appropriate for office work.

And last the mascara. Let me say I did had high hopes for this one (as I do for all new mascaras LOL), but this one I just don’t know I didn’t like it for one thing. Ok yes it feels natural and looks good, but my lashes cannot hold a curl very easily, this doesn’t hold it, and it smudges under my eye area, and makes me look as a raccoon by the end of the day. I don’t like that and I hope you neither.

But overall pretty amazed I mean of all the products I only hated the mascara and the 2 shadows. But my face got fixed and it is ready for summer.


4 thoughts on “Clinique Gives You Freebies

  1. Yay for no more breakouts! I really want to try out Clinique’s foundation because I’ve heard lots of good things about it in terms of acne prone skin. How would you say the coverage is?

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