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Review | Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation


For this summer drugstore brands are aiming for products that have a natural feeling to your skin (you know as if you were not wearing any makeup but still look as if you slept 8 hours every day). Honestly nobody wants to feel as if they are wearing a mask, today calls for natural looks and easy applications (because who has time to blend blend blend). Revlon entered the market with its own Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder, when I saw the name naked in instantly thought about Urban Decay and its entire Naked Line.

My background with Revlon has been using their Colorstay foundation for oily skin, and I like it, but I do consider it a bit heavy for every day. That is why I was really curious about the Nearly Naked foundation.

First of all, the design, I need a pump please and let me tell you why, when I use any of the Revlon foundations I tend to waste a lot of product, also the bottle is glass, so you need to treat it carefully and keep it away from children.

However, the foundation itself is AMAZING, it is lightweight which means this will give you a light to medium coverage. Do not expect this will take away all of your discoloration or get rid of your dark circles because it won’t, but it will brighten your skin and will make you look very natural as if you were applying a tinted moisturizer with more power. I can easily go after that with my Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer and get rid of my dark circles without my face looking cakey.

It comes with SPF 20 which I think is decent for a drugstore foundation. Now, how does this react with my oily skin? Well when I first started using it I did break out a bit but I always do when I change foundations. Sometimes, depending on the weather I do have to go with an Oil Absorbing Sheet at lunch time on my T-Zone (especially because I wear glasses), but nothing bad, foundation does stay on place and I look good the entire day.

Color Range is good, they came out with 15 different shades which gives you a wide range to select the color that suits you better, what I did is I took my favorite foundation to the drugstore and try to match it, or you can also take Revlon’s test at their website in order to see which one is the best for you.

Price is decent around $7.00 to $8.00 depending where you buy it and I really think is a good drugstore option if you are in the need of a budget friendly lightweight foundation. All in all, YES this is an approved product for me and I would repurchase.

Have you tried this foundation? If so, what are your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Review | Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

  1. Sounds wonderful. Lately because of my Paula’s Choice Skincare, I have switched from wearing foundation to tinted moisturizer and I’m so happy about it!

  2. I think people are taking better care of their skin with great skincare products, too. I really trust the product you recommend. I LOVE the Rimmel perfect match concealer and it was only $4!

  3. I really love the colours they have, and I love revlon products. This foundation is great for those who don’t want a full coverage, but for me I need it (acne marks). Great review though xx

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