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This isn’t Fair | Tan Towel Review

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So I keep going with my tanning experiments (and keep praying that I don’t ruin my skin). A couple of weeks ago I did a first impression post about some Sample Tanning Products I had available and really wanted to try. Today I will tell you all about the Tan Towel, I only had one but it was enough for my experiment so I can give you my thoughts.

This product is basically a BIG wipe which is soaked in tanning product, you can see the picture and really it is big, and I can see why, I mean you are supposed to use this towel for your entire body, which if you ask me I am no petite woman. Anyhow, I started with taking a shower and exfoliating (‘cuz they say it’s important).

Instructions say that you need to start rubbing the towel in circular motions, this product is designed for fair to medium skin tones, with me well my legs are fair and my arms are a bit tanned, so the obvious thing for me was starting with my legs and going up. Also the towel has a lot of product at first.

Product is clear so you don’t see where are you applying the product (which is tricky), but it does dry pretty quick, you need to wait from 2 to 4 hours to see the results so I just went to sleep. Next morning well I’ll just show you the pictures:

This is my leg before and after you can see a huge difference:

I did have tiny streaks in my ankles but I do attribute that to not paying attention when I applied it there:

As you can see in here my hands did not change that much it is because they are somehow tanned:

For my arms well you can see for yourself I did have some trouble applying the product there and it was not that even but it looks decent (maybe I need more practice)

In the end I did have a noticeable streak in my left leg, I just don’t know if it was my fault (which it probably was) but I did try to fix it this morning with the almost dry towel, it did fix a bit, but still is evident that I will not be able to wear any shorts this weekend (unless I cover it with makeup). The picture was before I tried to fix it.

Overall for my first attempt of using a “real” self-tanner it wasn’t a BAD experience, I really like it. Maybe I just need more practice. I think these towelettes are perfect if you have an event and you need to look GLOWY because they do not leave an ORANGE color to your legs, they look more GOLDY and nice. Plus the price is not that bad, you get 5 towelettes for $24.00 dollars and one towel was enough for one use.

So if you are fair or medium skin toned and you want to get some color this will definitely work for you I do recommend it

Additional Advice:

  • Use gloves because even if you wash and wash your hands after they will get a tanned (yep that happened to me).

  • If you can, ask for help for your arms and back do it to ensure an even application.

  • In the end my hands did have some scent not a fun one but not that overpowering.

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