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Review | The Wet Brush


Great for detangling wet and dry hair, wigs and extensions, that is the first thing that caught my eye when I saw this brush at Sally Beauty Supplies. Honestly I was in the need of a new hair brush because the one that I normally use should not be called a brush anymore.

Before rushing to Sally’s I saw this product at The Beauty Department site, they said that it was a great brush and I thought well I might as well go and check it out. When I saw it this was priced $8.99 USD, but as my mom is a pro preferred member at the store I ended up paying $5.00 USD (Yay!)

So this brush has flexible bristles that help detangle your hair without any pain, in the past I did not use to have any problems with tangles, but now that my hair is longer I do suffer detangling it, and I must admit I did have some split ends because I was a little rough with my hair.

Well, I don’t have that problem anymore because this brush is AMAZING, another great thing is, I do have some fake bangs and this brush is great for detangling them. So if you own a wig, some bangs, or have extensions this brush is great for that.

I am now imagining that if you have kids with really tangled hair this might be helpful as well. I also heard that this was greater than the so famous “Tangle Teezer” I could not corroborate that because I have not used it, BUT I do know that the Wet Brush is less expensive because when I was at Sally’s the Tangle Teezer was $15.00 USD and it doesn’t even have a handle (Just Saying!).

So yep I do recommend this product, it is great and it comes in different colors, my Sally had Black and Purple, but I have seen it in Pink and Turquoise over the internet.

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