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Project Downsize | Shadows, Mascara & Lippies

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Keeping up with my drawers downsize well today we have A LOT to cover, so I would suggest you to go and prepare a cup of your favorite tea/coffee, ‘cuz this is quite a bonanza.

Eyeshadows. I actually thought that this would be a hard drawer to deal with, but in the end it really wasn’t NOTE TO SELF THOUGH: Don’t buy anymore Eyeshadows PLEASE!

Liners & Mascara. Easy Peasy! and I am set with Mascara until 2016

Lippies of all Kind.Oh Boy was this drawer hard to Clean! This made me realize that I am Lipstick obsessed.

So now I am halfway through, but need to hurry in cleaning those drawers, however I had notice that I have found products that I didn’t remember where there and now I am using them which is great, because isn’t that the purpose when you buy some makeup? You don’t want it as display you want to use it.

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