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The Moisturizer from Hell


I am a big fan of Burt Bee’s products, and I also love hand moisturizers. So I could not contain my excitement a while ago when I saw a Kit that included some great products from this brand.

I’ve always said that if you are buying Burt Bee’s go for the Kits, because you are getting much more for your money. This Kit had amazing products; it came with their pomegranate lip balm, cuticle oil, a pretty makeup bag and the almond milk beeswax hand crème (which I was dying to try out), however, I now differ.

Ok this is a VERY THICK moisturizer with a nice and natural almond scent; this product is designed for people who suffer from dry hands and a little tiny bit goes a long way, but the bad thing is that it literally left a film in my hands and I couldn’t do anything after applying it, so for a lot of months this jar was shuttered in my bathroom counter. There were times when I just stared at it whispering “Why don’t you just die?!!”

As it did not want to perish, I decided that I would use it for my feet. This due to the fact that my Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter is long gone. I started by applying this product every single night after the shower and went with a pair of socks. Amazingly, next day my feet would look great.

Now, I do not recommend you to apply it and then run out the door with flats or stilettos, because my feet would slide and that is dangerous. That is why I apply it at night and the next morning will be completely absorbed.

Would I repurchase? I don’t think so because it is a hand moisturizer and I didn’t like it as is. No doubt that works great for my feet, but I have tried other moisturizers that work as well and will not test my non-gymnastics skills while walking. However, I did like the other two products from the kit, that cuticle oil is amazing and their lip balms work great as well.

Have you used this product? If so what are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “The Moisturizer from Hell

  1. It has been awhile, but I agree about the weird film it leaves. I’ll stick to their Lip Shimmers and Cuticle Balm for now.

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