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Friday| Take a Deep Breath

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Hey everyone, happy Friday, I know probably many of you are just starting their weekend (so jealous!) so be happy and be safe. Today I just wanted to take some time and update, because I’ve been missing a bit, so I said Tomiko take a deep breath and carry on, I will not deny that I am a bit (ok A LOT) tired, but still I feel pretty good.

I did complete my entire week of going to the gym at 6:00 AM (12 days now) which makes me feel pretty energetic throughout the day. Also, I have a new position at work, so this has had me studying a lot; there are so many new things and I’ve been running up and down, it’s been a bit of hectic, but at the end of every day I just sit and say to myself:

But returning to the weekend part, this one will be my last one before starting school again (decision I took by choice!) and I wanted to show you my outfit. Nothing says more relaxed than a pair of shorts, some sneakers and a t-shirt.

And while I’ll be sporting this outfit I will be working on future posts and some video ideas I’ve been having (so stay tuned for those). Also expect my May Favorites soon!!

PS: Something I also noticed today (due to our month end closing at work…duh!) is that June is coming!! I am pretty excited because My B-day is in June so I always love my birthday month is like a huge celebration for me even though I never have a BIG party I just love it.

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