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Frugal Friday: The Stippling Brush

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Hey everyone, welcome to another Frugal Friday where I would normally compare 2 products and give you the best option. Today is something special I have two stippling brushes which have been a hit lately, the contenders are:

ELF Small Stipple Brush $3.00 USD VS. Real Techniques Stippling Brush $10.00 USD

Well what can I say I love these two, but they both have some differences between them that I feel is important to talk about. Basically I love these brushes to apply cream blush/bronzer, nothing else. Basically because they are just the perfect size for it, I would not think of another way of using them.

If you are into beauty you know both of these brands, Real Techniques by YouTube beauty guru Samantha Chapman are amazing quality brushes without breaking your bank plus they are just so cute. This brush is great because it comes packed with duo-fiber bristles, it helps you blend creamy product the perfect way, before owning this brush I used to apply cream blush with my hands but believe me it makes a big difference when you apply it with this brush. One thing though is that brush is dense so you have to be careful when you use very pigmented blushes (i.e. NYX Cream Blushes).

On the ELF side well this is also an amazing brush first of all because of the price; I don’t think that I’ve seen other brushes that have this quality at that price they are just great. I love that it is lightweight and it is not that dense so I love using this for my more pigmented blushes, it helps you blend the product pretty nice without any hassle, one thing though and this seems to be something that has happened to me with some ELF brushes is that the handle loses but as long as I add some drops of crazy glue I am good to go.

So I would really recommend both, only that you would need to see if your cream blushes are pretty pigmented and you want to save a couple of bucks go with the ELF one, but if not you can go with the Real Techniques which is a nice option too. ELF is normally sold at Target and at their website, you can find Real Techniques at Ulta (but you really have to be lucky because most of the times they are sold out) or at their website.

So I hope this was helpful for you,

Until Next Time,



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