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My Birthday and Other Musings


Hey everyone, happy Monday, so today is my birthday, that is right I still have a couple of hours left to say it’s oficial, I’m now 29 years old. Now I don’t feel that age, don’t know why (I do feel younger if you ask! LOL) but that’s what my birth certificate says. Anyways. I just wanted to write a bit and say how grateful I AM.

Basically, since early in the morning I received happy b-day notes and messages from loved ones, making me feel special, that really I am not alone in this world. Another thing is that well I got to share my cake with my sister which birthday was yesterday, Can you imagine?

Here have some cake!

I have a lot of things to be grateful today, and one of those is you guys!! I really want to thank you for following my blog and being my friends, for all your comments and your suggestions, thanks to you my blog keeps growing and I keep thinking of new ideas for you doing of course the things I love the most.

So I hope you have a wonderful week and remember SMILE because it will make you HAPPY and it’s FREE!!

Until Next Time,


11 thoughts on “My Birthday and Other Musings

  1. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your growing blog. It’s always nice to see your hard work pay off!

  2. Happiest of birthdays!!! Hope it’s the best one, yet!! 🙂

  3. Happy Belated birthday! And nom nom nom that cake looks delicious! Im so glad your blog keeps growing, all the best for the next year ahead, im sure your blog will keep growing. 🙂

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead…

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