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Review | Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers

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Hey everyone so I am back on my reviews, I have a lot of new stuff to talk about and I was pretty excited to find these on my drugstore the other day. I am talking about the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer, now they were released in the UK quite some time ago and now they came to the States, but they renamed them to Show Off Lip Lacquer, I was unsure at first that they were the same, but then I saw the display did say Apocalips (weird right?).

Anyways, I purchased two lip colors for the sake of this review the first one Apocaliptic a bright magenta color and Celestial a more neutral tone. Rimmel claims that this product has the intense and rich color of a lipstick enhanced by a smooth satin shine, ultra-intense, ultra-comfortable- it lasts all day. Packed with pure color pigments, lusciously creamy, conditioning formula promises a never-before combination of color, shine and comfort that last and last.

Now for the sake of this review I applied both of these colors and proceeded with my normal activities of the day.

Using Celestial

Using Apocaliptic

First of all these are dangerous, if you are looking for an easy application on the go this won’t give it to you because you have to be very careful when you apply them (especially the bright colored ones).

These are full coverage they are not joking. If you were expecting a tinted lip gloss let me tell you this is like a liquid lipstick.

Product is completely transferrable, after a couple of hours that I applied this product it was lunch time (and I had to eat) so this buddy got all over my food (and my chin) I was eating a sandwich and my bread had lip color all over it.

On the other hand as the product doesn’t dry, your lips won’t feel dry either.

Let me say that I’m still on the fence playing with them, if I had to pick I would go for the neutral colors only because they are easier to apply and you don’t have to be THAT careful when you apply them (and eat with them). But, if you really want a BRIGHT and VIBRANT color this product will give it to you, you just need to be very careful and have a mirror close to you.

Now for the people who are in the run and have no time for checking in the mirror (honestly who does), I would not recommend it because honestly I ate and had lip color all over my chin which is not something I would enjoy.

Has anyone used these so far? Did you like them?

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