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Happy 4th of July from Sugar Ray and Gin Blossoms

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Hello everybody, so this is late I know, but still I did not want to miss the chance to write this, so happy late 4th of July, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend I know I did.
I had the chance to attend a free concert!! Yeii. I was so excited to see, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Smash Mouth and Vertical Horizon it was amazing.

Yes! This is Mr. Mark McGrath, blurry because of the excitement!

It was a nice concert, really organized and people were there to have fun!

Gin Blossoms turn came, just amazing!

And that is me, I had my hair up in a ballerina bun because it was freakingly hot that day!

All in all great night and things had to end with some food and what says nothing more American than some Whataburguer just had to eat one.

Ohh and last I went the other day and got gel nails, I have been so busy lately that really I don’t even have time to do my nails, so I thought that this would help, it really did, now I don’t have to worry about my nails, at least for a couple of weeks!!

Until next Time!!



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