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Update, Travel & What’s in My Bag!!


Hey guys so today I am pretty excited, I know once again I should be studying because I have a test on Saturday, but God it’s hard to concentrate. So what’s been going up lately, well a lot of work which has been hectic, but I don’t give up and I keep going to the gym as I committed, every day before going to the office.

Food related well I’ve been trying to be better because let’s be honest I am basically working out pretty hard and I want that effort to be worth it, I just been cutting out a bit of calories per day and been eating more veggies.

And some exciting news I will be going out of town YAY it will be only for a couple of days, but it is quite cool and where am I going??

That is right I will be hitting Houston!! I heard that the weather is hot and humid so let’s see how it goes. Has anyone been there or lives there that can give me a couple of tips?

Anyway I will be preparing my suitcase and makeup, question would you like me to do a what’s in my travel stuff?? Also do you want to see some vlogs??

Last, I have an updated what’s in my bag which I randomly decided to show you here, LOL Enjoy!

I guess that is all for me now I will be seeing you all next time!!



2 thoughts on “Update, Travel & What’s in My Bag!!

  1. Love the Rimmel pencils, too AND I thought the wallet was Tory Burch until you said target.

  2. I know they are amazing, really!! wow jeje yes I love Target wallets because they are inexpensive but look great Thanks for your comment :}

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