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My Makeup Stash, Pants on Fire and More!!


Hey guys, happy start of the week!! Iiik I cannot believe how time is flying so fast, last thing I know we will be saying Merry Christmas! Anyways, the other day I was doing my makeup and thought hey why not take a pic of my current stash!

Lets be honest these past few days I have not been investing a lot of time doing my makeup, I know it seems like a lot but believe me I have made it to less than 10 minutes. Which is a big challenge for me LOL.

Here are the products I am currently using:

And while I’ve been running up and down I have been also playing with my red pants from Old Navy I just love them, especially with a chambray blouse.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and if not remember:

After working out of course!

Until Next Time



2 thoughts on “My Makeup Stash, Pants on Fire and More!!

  1. I found it interesting to see what products you were using, and also the blouse looks really nice on you. I love the red jeans too! 🙂

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