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New Year…New Everything

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Happy New Year to all of my dearest reader’s hoping that this year is great for all of you and all your goals be accomplished. For me well, it’s been a heck of a time I got back from my 3 months in Ecuador on December, finally moved to Houston and I’m mostly installed and ready to keep on my blogging and video filming…because we all know I was kind of slacking on those.

So today I started making a list of posts I want to write (cuz I am organized like that) and thought about what I got for Christmas…IKEA furniture… ok that post is done lol.


And while trying to mumble year end close at work I did manage to visit a couple of places to enjoy a bit of Christmas, which was great with my baby here..But we did miss the family for the holidays..I have to say this was my first holidays away from them.


Yes, this is me working the 24th lol…

Now to keep with the rambling, I know this year will bring more amazing things, I mean last year my life dramatically changed…so I am quite sure this will be great and I wish you all the best as well.

Until Next Time



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