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Happy Friday!

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Hey everyone,  so  I am happy happy because it’s finally Friday, I’ve been running up and down all week and I am happy that I have a brief time to breath an relax.


In the meantime I have some great reviews comming on the next couple of weeks and a haul!! Who would say that it would be more fun to shop after Christmas…almost every store is having great sales so I’ll keep you posted on that.


Yesterday I went to Target because I needed to get some stuff and got carried away by an essie nail polish, it looked so pretty in the display, and then came home, applied it and finished with this.


I don’t know, I am still in the meh mood, because on the display picture, the nails looked like a full coverage polish. But then I read in the bottle and it said  top coat…wth I felt miss leaded however I will try to work with it..but no I wouldn’t recommend it to you my friends.

So that’s it for me, I hope you guys enjoy your weekend, be safe, have fun and will see you next time.



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