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The Blogilates Challenge

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Hey everyone! Happy Friday I am pretty excited to be here today, with a more relaxing mood at work and still getting my routine established here in Houston.  Well yesterday, my organizing spirit raised again an I had to go and get this:


This is the perfect tool for getting organized (at least for me) especially because I am afraid to forget paying the electricity…imagine that!! Plus I am using this to organize my posts,  videos and fun stuff like excercise and cleaning lol.

Yesterday,  while organizing I remembered that I do need to plan my workout routine, I have some videos, but gosh they are boring, so in the search of an idea of what to do to keep me busy I found Blogilates, which is a YouTube channel full of workout routines, and I also found this:


OMG!! This is what I needed…colors and unicorn sparkles to get motivated for working out (isn’t cute??) So I just printed it out and YES for a month I will do the Blogilates beginners calendar, I have to say I am pretty excited about this!! What I liked the most is that you don’t need any special equipment that will end up cluttering your closet and you can totally do this from home.

Also, I was thinking when I should start,  you know how many people say I’ll start on Monday, well not me friends, the action starts TODAY, because I need it, and of course I will be giving you my thoughts,  if by any chance I cannot update here make sure to follow me at Instagram (@makeupcake84) which is where all the fun happens when I am not here.

Now tell me guys!! I mean this is not really a new year resolution for me, but more like a change in my lifestyle. So tell me what change are you working in your life right now?? I would really like to know what you are up to so please comment down below!!

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