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My Lush Loves


Hey everyone, so today I wanted to talk about my Lush favorite products, I love this store because is totally different of what I have tried before. So I hope that this is helpful for you if you are planing a Lush trip and have no idea what to buy (which happened to me!).

In this video I talk of products designed for Oily Skin and give you my thoughts on them plus other things I have tried along the way. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “My Lush Loves

  1. Great video! Really helpful review 🙂
    Vanishing cream is another fantastic moisturiser for oily skin if you don’t like the smell of enzymion (it’s funny, I adore the smell of it so much haha) Angels on bare skin is a great cleanser, it comes in a pot like dark angels but it doesn’t have any of those abrasive bits that can hurt your face

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