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Is Kat Von D too much for me? And what’s been going on?


Traveling this week to visit my family…Yay!! I am very excited and happy every time I get to see them. Anyways today while doing my Packing list I thought about talking a little bit new products I’ve been using for the past couple of weeks.


First of all let’s start with Kat Von D Lock – It Tattoo Foundation I purchased this in exchange to my Laura Mercier  – Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free which I must say did not cause a big of an impact for me, and makes me prefer way more drugstore brands besides this one, I also thought it was overpriced for the results it delivered. As I was returning this one I thought I would try the Kat Von D foundation because I heard great things about it, especially for Oily skin.

Well I got it, and let me just say this, foundation is very full coverage, I’ve never seen or tried something like it, a little bit goes a long way and photographs really nice, the package comes with a pump which is always something I give big kudos to because it is easier to apply, and it comes with a lot of product (30 ml), price wise is not that expensive as other brands at $34.00 USD and If you have oily skin this would work for you.

Now, you must be shocked of my next following words, I will be returning this product. It is not that the product is not a love, and it really is a great foundation, but I consider is too heavy for me, I tried applying it with my beauty blender to give it a more sheer appearance, but all the time it looks as if I am wearing a lot of makeup, which for an office employee that might give a different impression lol…

This is NOT a bad foundation in all means, and it did work for my oily skin, I was not a shiny ball after a long day, even after going to the gym. But it’s just not suited for me. However it depends on what you are looking for, as I said it looks great in pictures, but in person I look like wearing makeup, lots of it.

The next product I have is from Clinique OMG this is freaking cute, I saw it and fell in love, you know how much I love blush, so they released new blushes with great colors they are called Cheek Pops  I abstained myself in only getting one so I purchased Berry Pop which is a beautiful color I love it pigmentation is very good they are not chalky and you can really build the color up.

And the last thing I have is my new love, my must desired for years Tory Burch flats, these things men they are expensive, but are so beautiful and look so nice with everything. The perfect flat for work, going out, hanging with friends, etc. I am still in the process of breaking them in to see if the theory it’s true that they will become the comfiest pair of flats ever. But so far so good I love them and have been wearing them nonstop.

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4 thoughts on “Is Kat Von D too much for me? And what’s been going on?

  1. I felt the exact same way about KVD! Plus it wasn’t a perfect color match for my pale, pale skin! Also, Tory Burch flats are everything. Worth every penny and perfect for any occasion! Love!!!

  2. I’ve been wanting to try that blush! It’s too cute!

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