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The 100 and forgetting everything I knew


I am very excited today to start this week by talking about a breakthrough I had last week, It was as if it was there all the time but I was not ready to see or grasp it. The breakthrough was that I am turning 30 this year and I know is just a number so I don’t get overwhelmed by saying I am getting older, but hey I am not getting any younger either. Also, I am getting married soon (finally!! Lol). And still I haven’t been able to achieve that healthy state where I’ve been wanting to be for the longest time.

So I started working out again, this started 2 weeks ago, I’ve been going to the gym doing Zumba, Cycling, Swimming, Abs, and all that you could think of to keep my mind sane and mostly stress free. I have been working out because I feel more alive, which is something that happens when you move your body.

My next step was food (uhh the tamed subject that has haunted me all my existence!!), and I said to myself why does it have to be so hard? Why do I let food be an important part of my life to the point it controls me?, Why nothing that I’ve done works out? Basically because deeply I know that I am kind of weak with food especially bad food. I am in a cycle of eating healthy on weekdays and then the weekends “my cheat day” I go and break every single good habit I could have.

Last week, I knew that definitely I needed to break that cycle once and for all, and I needed to forget about everything I knew about diets and eating healthy, because basically I knew nothing and because nothing has been working out for me. Plus I needed to be open minded because if I don’t open my mind to new things I won’t be able to succeed.

While thinking about this and trying to see what to do a friend introduced me to The 100 from Jorge Cruise, and yes I admit I had to investigate if it worked, people testimonials and all that stuff to be 100% in. So I gotta say it doesn’t sound bad, it actually made sense and I decided to put everything and do it. So today I am in my day one and what better way to document my experiment that in my blog.

So if you are interested stay tuned in the next following weeks I will be updating you in my new lifestyle and what I’ve been feeling about this diet, I am also thinking in recording my experiment to see what happens. But, we shall see.


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