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Aaand…She’s Back!!

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Hey everyone, as always running, but I did want to take some time to write a bit about what I’ve been up to and what I am planing for the next couple of weeks.

Well actually, I’ve been crazy busy, with getting married, work and I am moving this weekend so things have been cray cray. I think the most stressful thing about packing is always my makeup (damn you makeup freak!) and my wardrobe. I guess I will be doing downsize before leaving (or at least those are mi honest intentions).

Anyways, If I take some pictures of my intent of downsizing, which I surely will make sure to follow me at instagram (@makeupcake84) where all the magic happens right NAO.

Besides all of that, World Cup starts today! Any fans up there? I am not that into it, but at work, men!! they love it!! we even did a world cup pool for the games, so now I am getting into the spirit. And ready for today’s game Brazil vs. Croatia.

Also, my birthday is next week, crazy I am turning 30, WOW does time fly fast. I want to do something fun like going bowling or going to the golf with my friends, we would have to see, but in the meantime I finished preparing a father’s day card for my dad and a birthday card for my little sister who’s birthday is one day before me (crazy right!).

And that’s all for me today! Maybe a lot of you are enjoying your summer vacations where are you going? Are you traveling somewhere or are you like me who spends its afternoons at the pool!

See you next Time



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