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Best Shampoo for Oily Scalp!

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Yes, I have oily scalp!! My hair was not like this in the past, but I think I can blame the change of weather of my new city. You see in the past I used to live in a hot and dry weather and now Houston, if you ever been here summers are hot and humid. I was using a “normal” drugstore shampoo and it started building this oil thing in my head, I would feel as if I hadn’t washed my hair in months!!!

I changed shampoo’s and it worked for a week or so and then it started happening again, I felt so bad!! Especially because I am going to the gym more and well nobody wants to have greasy yucky hair. I know that washing your hair also everyday is very very bad, but as my hair was this way I could not go one day without washing it.

So the other day I remembered about the Neutrogena anti-residue formula shampoo, It is a small bottle (not like any conventional shampoo) but a little bit lathers real good. As my hair was having a horrible day I went with it two times.




The scent of this product is a bit musky and it does linger in your hair after you wash it and even till next day. What I did was wash my hair at night and let it air dry and slept (which is exactly what I’ve been doing with my other shampoo’s). The next morning amazingly my hair was not oily at all, I decided to straight it with my CHI flat iron (which I stopped using due to my oiliness) and my hair feels so soft and light I love it.

Now one thing though I know you are not supposed to use this every day, because it really strips all the oil out of your hair. But what I am planing is on “training” my hair to not washing it every day and be more reliable on my dry Shampoo.

I heard that this type of Shampoo is good to be used once every two weeks if you want to get rid of all of the gunk in your hair and believe me it works. So Yes I would recommend this shampoo I love it.

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