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Yummy Paleo Recipes


So I’ve been playing around with my kitchen skills (thanks to pinterest), a friend of mine went Paleo and suggested me a couple of yummy recipes that are super super easy and I thought it would be a great idea to share with all of you what I created. I believe these are great as lunch meals or when you feel the need of having a cheat meal without cheating.

The first dish, is my interpretation of pasta with shrimp, who doesn’t love this combination, so what I did was go to my supermarket and bought spaghetti squash, believe me that after I tried this “pasta substitute” I ain’t looking back, it’s super easy to make and it is so versatile you can prepare it with everything, so for this dish I just put in a pan a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the shrimp and zucchini,  a little bit of kosher salt and pepper, and that was it. I also added half avocado just because I had some left. It was so yummy that I am literally craving it right now.

201406_03The second dish is our interpretation of rice with veggies, as we cannot eat rice we used cauliflower, I just put the cauliflower in the blender until it looked like rice (hehe), then in a pan I put a little bit of sausage (no oil this time), then I added mushrooms and red bell peppers, last I added the cauliflower. The flavor of this dish is so delicious that I would eat this every day if I could, I believe you can mix and match maybe you can add more veggies or instead of sausage you can add chicken, but that’s what I had on hand.

201406_02I hope you enjoyed I believe these dishes are great! Especially if you are having a busy week.

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5 thoughts on “Yummy Paleo Recipes

  1. Really yummy..
    Enjoy Pasta and basil clam sauce

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