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Galveston, a pit stop from the city

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Aloha everyone, happy Monday afternoon,  I am still recovering from the weekend at the beach which was incredibly fun! I gotta say it was so hot that I got burned even after I applied sunblock like crazy. Right now I am surviving from Aloe Vera because my blouse burns my arms lol. Anyways, I would not change it for anything.

We started by taking the highway at 9:00 AM I wanted to go earlier but, I did not end up packing the day before. However,  it was great timing,  we arrived at Galveston and the sun was already bright and shinning, we started by taking a walk at the pier, OMG it was so nice, even though I heard people say it was ugly I really liked it an lots of families seem to go to spend their weekend there.


Then I just wanted to go straight to the water, because the heat was intense, so we went in, this was the first time of me actually going into “ocean water” and I must say it was very very fun, water felt warm so I had no troubles jumping in.


After that we wanted to have lunch at Bubba Gump but waiting times were insane so we decided to eat at some random place, however it was a great weekend I really enjoyed it.


So what did you do this weekend??

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