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A girl of the 90’s enjoying the 2000’s

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It looks like it was yesterday when I was graduating high school and starting my college life. Feeling as if I was invincible and nothing could touch me. I felt GREAT and CONFUSED at the same time, an almost adult trying to make the best decisions I could. I won’t deny it, now that I remember some of the decisions I took were not the most coherent ones, but they made me who I am today and I am really happy of that.

I do remember that music was a BIG part of me while being a student, there was something about music that really transported me to a perfectly ethereal place and gave me the confidence to achieve anything I wanted. Music was my push to wake up, go to school, do my chores, homework, study, my company in countless free hours I had.

So today we are taking a travel back in time, to my favorite artists, the ones that helped me with my English (yes my native language was Spanish). Today when I listen to this music I feel happy because it brings me back to good old moments and that’s neat.

1. Garbage. This was the first group I saw that made me say WOAH this red hair girl is unique. I remember spending my afternoons while doing homework watching MTV videos and when their PUSH IT video was released I was like this video is….strange, and I could not stop watching it. There was something weird about that band that I liked and I really enjoyed listening to them.

2. The Cardigans. Of course we might all remember their hit song from the Romeo and Juliet’s movie but I loved MY FAVOURITE GAME  fast driving in the highway so fearless (don’t do it kid’s) and the accident at the end and her getting hit by the rock LMFAO.

3. Limp Bizkit. This group was hardcore for the time (even the hubs confirmed that!), but there was something about them that made me like some of their songs especially BREAK STUFF. I don’t know why I just liked it so I thought it was worth mentioning it here. And I could confirm that in that time red caps and white T-Shirts where the bomb.

4. Boy Bands. YES!! 360 degree change here, I must admit I was a boy band girl, Westlife with Swear it Again, Take That with Back for Good, Backstreet Boys with all their albums, I loved their songs and when I hear them today I still can sing them!

5. Natalie Imbruglia. I loved her and her TORN song, the video was so simple but I loved her thrift style outfit (which probably was a very expensive one) and her distressed haircut (which I tried to get…total FAIL btw!!) I could see this video over and over again.

Do you remember some of these Videos? Which was the music that defined you in your younger years?

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