Organized Journal

Beauty is Not Only a Job, it's an Adventure

My Organizing Experience

During the past month I have started studying more about how to become a professional organizer. I want to share with you a little bit about my organizing background until now. In this page I am adding projects that I have done with family and even with myself to help me get organized.

Organizing for me is a very inspiring activity; I like helping people to get organized and most importantly have a place for everything. I don’t think that we are destined to be full of clutter; we have the right to live in a clean and neat space. Besides, when you live in a clean space you will have the energy to do other things that you don’t when you are worrying, asking where your left shoe went.

A little story here, almost my entire life I have been a person who enjoys organizing, most part of my weekends would consist in organizing my bedroom (closet, shoes, etc.) and also using lists as my most resourceful tool for accomplishing my goals. For me a finished list is a well done job.

The first project was organizing my sister’s shelf and office area, as you can see from the pictures below the place seemed overwhelmed, she had several things that were not in the right place, so I started by visualizing the area, as you can see she had clothes, beauty products, dishes and things that did not belong there. So I started by removing things that did not belong to the area. The next step was only organize what did belong in the space.


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