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Galveston, a pit stop from the city

Aloha everyone, happy Monday afternoon,  I am still recovering from the weekend at the beach which was incredibly fun! I gotta say it was so hot that I got burned even after I applied sunblock like crazy. Right now I am surviving from Aloe Vera because my blouse burns my arms lol. Anyways, I would not change it for anything.

We started by taking the highway at 9:00 AM I wanted to go earlier but, I did not end up packing the day before. However,  it was great timing,  we arrived at Galveston and the sun was already bright and shinning, we started by taking a walk at the pier, OMG it was so nice, even though I heard people say it was ugly I really liked it an lots of families seem to go to spend their weekend there.


Then I just wanted to go straight to the water, because the heat was intense, so we went in, this was the first time of me actually going into “ocean water” and I must say it was very very fun, water felt warm so I had no troubles jumping in.


After that we wanted to have lunch at Bubba Gump but waiting times were insane so we decided to eat at some random place, however it was a great weekend I really enjoyed it.


So what did you do this weekend??

Until Next Time



Hot Hot Hot!

Good day to all of you out there!! I cannot believe how summer has been stalking us here in Houston, and the Humidity oh my lord, that is something I’ve never experienced before. People from here tell me is not even real summer yet, so I don’t know what will happen. One thing for sure is that these past few days I’ve decided to give a rest to my flat and curling irons only because with the humidity my hair does not stay put.

So what I’ve been doing? Well, playing with all the hair products I can to get an easy hairstyle without fighting my wavy hair nature. I got to the point of saying I am letting this battle go and focus on more important stuff like organizing the new apartment (‘cuz this little hoarder hasn’t finished unpacking!). Also, for my makeup I’ve been keeping it very minimal, double wear foundation from Estee Lauder paired with my biggest discovery so far, the NYX matte setting spray, gotta love that stuff because it keeps my face from melting big time and my blush stays on the entire day. A little bit of eyeshadow from my NAKED Basics palette and my beloved ELF eyeliner. A little bit of lip gloss or lip balm and I am good to go.

I love this easy summer routine, today it took me less than 30 minutes to get ready, that has to be a record for me!! And the question of the day is: Do you have any special humidity tips for me? Also I heard hurricane season started, do you know any special things I should do to prepare for that?

Until Next Time


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Summer School and Other Stuff…

Today I would like to apologize to my Statistics Teacher, because God knows I should’ve been doing homework right now, but hey as a former student right now I prefer writing a post for all of you 🙂

So what I’ve been up to? Well lately it’s been gym, work, school, sleep and that is that LOL. I am proud to say that I am at my day 32 of going 5 days to the gym without missing one day. Let me tell you I’ve totally been feeling the changes and it feels amazing. I believe it is what has helped me keep going definitely.

Yes this is me in front of my bike at the gym at 6:00 am

At work I am in a new position which is very interesting I really like it, but it is very demanding as well, so you can see why I have not been posting a lot, I’ll give it 3 more months and everything will sail smoothly.

Luckily in 3 more weeks I will have 2 weeks off from school which is amazing and will give me time to catch up in my posts and videos.

For now this is it I hope that you are enjoying your summer, I now I am right now because we have been having such a lovely weather right now, it’s been raining and between 80’s to 90’s I hope it lasts more 

Until Next Time,

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My Summer Essentials Tag

Hey everyone, Happy Almost Friday!! I am so happy to be able to share with you this TAG that I kind of created the other day with my Summer Essentials, these are my GO TO products for this summer which is here I would say (today we had 96 degrees).

If any of you wants to do this TAG here are the questions:

Favorite Lip Product

Favorite Perfume/Spray Mist

Favorite Hair Product

Favorite Blush

Favorite Moisturizer

Favorite Nail Polish

Favorite Shadow

Favorite Accessory

I would Love reading/watching your favorites for this summer.

Until Next Time,


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This isn’t Fair | Tan Towel Review

So I keep going with my tanning experiments (and keep praying that I don’t ruin my skin). A couple of weeks ago I did a first impression post about some Sample Tanning Products I had available and really wanted to try. Today I will tell you all about the Tan Towel, I only had one but it was enough for my experiment so I can give you my thoughts.

This product is basically a BIG wipe which is soaked in tanning product, you can see the picture and really it is big, and I can see why, I mean you are supposed to use this towel for your entire body, which if you ask me I am no petite woman. Anyhow, I started with taking a shower and exfoliating (‘cuz they say it’s important).

Instructions say that you need to start rubbing the towel in circular motions, this product is designed for fair to medium skin tones, with me well my legs are fair and my arms are a bit tanned, so the obvious thing for me was starting with my legs and going up. Also the towel has a lot of product at first.

Product is clear so you don’t see where are you applying the product (which is tricky), but it does dry pretty quick, you need to wait from 2 to 4 hours to see the results so I just went to sleep. Next morning well I’ll just show you the pictures:

This is my leg before and after you can see a huge difference:

I did have tiny streaks in my ankles but I do attribute that to not paying attention when I applied it there:

As you can see in here my hands did not change that much it is because they are somehow tanned:

For my arms well you can see for yourself I did have some trouble applying the product there and it was not that even but it looks decent (maybe I need more practice)

In the end I did have a noticeable streak in my left leg, I just don’t know if it was my fault (which it probably was) but I did try to fix it this morning with the almost dry towel, it did fix a bit, but still is evident that I will not be able to wear any shorts this weekend (unless I cover it with makeup). The picture was before I tried to fix it.

Overall for my first attempt of using a “real” self-tanner it wasn’t a BAD experience, I really like it. Maybe I just need more practice. I think these towelettes are perfect if you have an event and you need to look GLOWY because they do not leave an ORANGE color to your legs, they look more GOLDY and nice. Plus the price is not that bad, you get 5 towelettes for $24.00 dollars and one towel was enough for one use.

So if you are fair or medium skin toned and you want to get some color this will definitely work for you I do recommend it

Additional Advice:

  • Use gloves because even if you wash and wash your hands after they will get a tanned (yep that happened to me).

  • If you can, ask for help for your arms and back do it to ensure an even application.

  • In the end my hands did have some scent not a fun one but not that overpowering.

Until Next Time,


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It’s Self Tanner Time!!

In no way I am a fair skin lady (ok I’m mid-tone), and when spring sun starts shinning I tend to get tanned very easily. But my problem is that if I don’t use sunblock or am careful I will get an uneven tan.

This takes me back to a wedding I was invited to 2 years ago. I was taking care of my skin because I knew I would get that evil tan if I didn’t, anyways, a weekend before the event I went with my hub to a flea market, exposed to the sun in freaking May, I did have a cardigan on and was opposed to take it off, but in the way to the car, let’s say 20 minutes of walking I couldn’t handle it and took it off. The result, well as I was wearing a T-shirt I had a T-shirt tan and my dress for the wedding was sleeveless…OMFG. I was screwed.

However this year will be different, I mean I don’t have any wedding coming up, but who knows; so today I want to talk about Sunless Tanning. While cleaning my makeup drawers I found some tanning samples; because to be honest I don’t see tanning as a necessity in my life. However I want to give them a try and tell you my thoughts. So take this as a first impressions post.

Warning, in no way am I a professional tanning person so I have no idea how to use these products or what am I doing, I am adding stuff I found over the internet in how to use them so it will be my guide, so wish me luck.

Kate Somerville “Somerville 360” Tanning Towelettes. These are paraben-free they seem to be hydrating and will give you an even application, with a natural looking glow within 2 to 4 hours of applied.

How to use it:

  • Unfold towelette and apply to dry, clean skin in circular motion over your face and body.

  • Wash hands immediately.

  • For best results, exfoliate your body before applying.

This product is expensive, I have only one towelette (which they say it is enough for one entire application face-body) but a box with 8 will cost you $45.00 USD at Sephora. Ouch.

St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Moisturizer Light to Medium. Ok so it seems that this is more like the Jergens moisturizer sold at drugstores, this has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera; it says that the brand eliminated the tell-tale self-tan aroma by minimum of 70%. Sounds interesting I will have to give it a try. I also read that as this is gradual you will not see results immediately and you would have to give it 3 to 4 days.

How to use it:

  • Exfoliate before using. Don’t worry if you go over the same area twice, it’s only missed areas that’ll look uneven.

  • Wait for the lotion to be absorbed before getting dressed.

  • Use daily for a subtle golden boost to winter pale or sun tanned skin.

The price for this is $30.00 for 6.7 fluid Oz at Sephora.

Xen-Tan Dark Lotion. So I just discovered this is sold at Ulta, they say this gives you realistic instant color, so you can see your tan as you apply. It comes with Rich Nut Oils that give moisture for self-tan that lasts up to 7 days. Delicious light cherry-almond scent works for both men and women. Can be used on both face and body.

How to use it:

  • Shower using an exfoliating body scrub, do not apply moisturizers.

  • Apply the product in circular motions using gloves

  • After tanning you will develop a healthy natural looking tan in 2-3 hours, you can tan before bed if you use darker colored sheets. Or wait 15 minutes after tanning to dress. This washes out of most fabrics.

The price for this is $40.00 USD for 236ml; it comes with a pump which gives it Kudos because this is the first one I see like that. And it had great reviews but we will have to see.

Tan Towel. A quick-drying towelette that doesn’t create a mess or unpleasant odor; fair to medium skintones. Each original TanTowel Towelette is infused with a unique, clear self-tan formula to give you a quick and even application with no streaking, mess, or fuss. Easy to use with ultraquick results, it produces a uniform, natural-looking glow within two to four hours and leaves skin looking beautifully bronzed.

5 towelettes for $24.00 USD at Sephora.

Now from all the reading I did I learned:

  1. I need to shave-exfoliate before using self-tanners. So in this case I will use my Saint Yves Apricot Scrub (that thing is the bomb).

  2. I need to use disposable gloves or a mitten, as I don’t have a mitten (and I don’t plan on buying one) I will have to get me some gloves.

  3. I exercise so I am not sure if this will work great on my legs because I sweat and all that but hey that would be another great experiment.

Now I think I will start with the St Tropez everyday gradual tan, I feel that is the “safe one” right now, as it says to give it 4 days to develop I think I will finish the sample and I will be back with the results in a couple of days. I just pray so I don’t finish like tan mom.

Have you used any of this? If so do you have any advice or comment about them?

Until Next Time,


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Summer’s Over: Back 2 School Tips

Hey everyone, so it’s that time of the year when we exchange the swimming suits and the flip flops for more formal attires and books. It is also the time when we should start getting prepared for a new semester at school. If you are a freak of organization like me, you might be starting or already have a check list of all your needs, and are ready to go shopping.

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