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The 100 and forgetting everything I knew

I am very excited today to start this week by talking about a breakthrough I had last week, It was as if it was there all the time but I was not ready to see or grasp it. The breakthrough was that I am turning 30 this year and I know is just a number so I don’t get overwhelmed by saying I am getting older, but hey I am not getting any younger either. Also, I am getting married soon (finally!! Lol). And still I haven’t been able to achieve that healthy state where I’ve been wanting to be for the longest time.

So I started working out again, this started 2 weeks ago, I’ve been going to the gym doing Zumba, Cycling, Swimming, Abs, and all that you could think of to keep my mind sane and mostly stress free. I have been working out because I feel more alive, which is something that happens when you move your body.

My next step was food (uhh the tamed subject that has haunted me all my existence!!), and I said to myself why does it have to be so hard? Why do I let food be an important part of my life to the point it controls me?, Why nothing that I’ve done works out? Basically because deeply I know that I am kind of weak with food especially bad food. I am in a cycle of eating healthy on weekdays and then the weekends “my cheat day” I go and break every single good habit I could have.

Last week, I knew that definitely I needed to break that cycle once and for all, and I needed to forget about everything I knew about diets and eating healthy, because basically I knew nothing and because nothing has been working out for me. Plus I needed to be open minded because if I don’t open my mind to new things I won’t be able to succeed.

While thinking about this and trying to see what to do a friend introduced me to The 100 from Jorge Cruise, and yes I admit I had to investigate if it worked, people testimonials and all that stuff to be 100% in. So I gotta say it doesn’t sound bad, it actually made sense and I decided to put everything and do it. So today I am in my day one and what better way to document my experiment that in my blog.

So if you are interested stay tuned in the next following weeks I will be updating you in my new lifestyle and what I’ve been feeling about this diet, I am also thinking in recording my experiment to see what happens. But, we shall see.


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Losing Weight: Week 7 Update

Another week has passed by since I started the goal of me losing some pounds and getting into my ideal weight. This week I kind of missed my exercise routines but still I tried to be healthy in my eating choices until weekend came by. On Saturday I weighed myself and I was in 81.5 Kg (179.67 pounds) which means that I dropped 500 grams from last week (1.10 pounds) this is good improvement, but still I know I need to hit 81 Kg which means I need to lose 500 grams (1.10 pounds) for the end of this week.

So how will I accomplish that? Well first of all breakfast, lunch and dinner will have to be healthy meals (zero junk food), drink lots of water, and exercise making my complete routine this week.

Will I make it? Yes I will.

Am I committed to it? Yes I am. ^_^

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Losing Weight: Week 6 Update

This is my update for week 6, nothing much only to say that I felt a little of discouragement this week after weighting myself and noticing that I gained the 800 grams (1.76 pounds) I lost, positioning me in 82 Kg (180.77 pounds). I ask myself Why God Why?? But the truth is that I did eat pizza, cake, and soda and all the things I am not allowed to. So how was I supposed to lose weight at this rate?

Today I fell like meh -_- and have the little voice inside of me that encourages me in keep moving forward, I know I will end up listening to this voice because I will not drop my goal at any means. But still, I need to find ways in saying no to food that harms me and yes to delicious food that is good for my system.

So I’ll start this week by saying “Away with the bad stuff around me and welcome to all the good and healthy things” Besides, the number one thing that determines the outcome of your life is the habits or patterns you have. So hello good habits, because I want you to stay here forever!!

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Losing Weight: Week 5 Update

5th week has gone by since I started my goal for this year. Time is going back very fast; I cannot believe one month has gone by. I could say without being aware of it, but in a certain way I did. So to wrap up my first month end, I want to summarize what happened to me and things I have learned through my journey.

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Losing Weight: Week 4 Update

As time passes by, I noticed that I am beginning to know my body in better ways. I know I have a rough journey ahead of me, but still I know my determination in losing weight for good will help me be a healthier person in the future. Keep Reading->


Losing Weight: A compromise for myself

All my life I’ve been a girl who has had problems finding the perfect size of jeans/pants. All my life I’ve been a girl who has suffered cravings from sweets and heavy dinners at night. I’ve grown up to be a woman that has a love-hate relationship with food.

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