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Frugal Friday: The Stippling Brush

Hey everyone, welcome to another Frugal Friday where I would normally compare 2 products and give you the best option. Today is something special I have two stippling brushes which have been a hit lately, the contenders are:

ELF Small Stipple Brush $3.00 USD VS. Real Techniques Stippling Brush $10.00 USD

Well what can I say I love these two, but they both have some differences between them that I feel is important to talk about. Basically I love these brushes to apply cream blush/bronzer, nothing else. Basically because they are just the perfect size for it, I would not think of another way of using them.

If you are into beauty you know both of these brands, Real Techniques by YouTube beauty guru Samantha Chapman are amazing quality brushes without breaking your bank plus they are just so cute. This brush is great because it comes packed with duo-fiber bristles, it helps you blend creamy product the perfect way, before owning this brush I used to apply cream blush with my hands but believe me it makes a big difference when you apply it with this brush. One thing though is that brush is dense so you have to be careful when you use very pigmented blushes (i.e. NYX Cream Blushes).

On the ELF side well this is also an amazing brush first of all because of the price; I don’t think that I’ve seen other brushes that have this quality at that price they are just great. I love that it is lightweight and it is not that dense so I love using this for my more pigmented blushes, it helps you blend the product pretty nice without any hassle, one thing though and this seems to be something that has happened to me with some ELF brushes is that the handle loses but as long as I add some drops of crazy glue I am good to go.

So I would really recommend both, only that you would need to see if your cream blushes are pretty pigmented and you want to save a couple of bucks go with the ELF one, but if not you can go with the Real Techniques which is a nice option too. ELF is normally sold at Target and at their website, you can find Real Techniques at Ulta (but you really have to be lucky because most of the times they are sold out) or at their website.

So I hope this was helpful for you,

Until Next Time,




Frugal Friday | The Battle of Dry Shampoo’s

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Frugal Friday, today it is all about Dry Shampoo. I believe that this product is the key for taking good care of long hair. When my hair was short I did not have much problem but now things are different and I have to do everything I can to keep it healthy and shiny. Also, I go to the gym almost every single day and honestly I cannot go and wash my hair constantly because the water where I live is a bit harsh.

So today contenders are:

  1. TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo 5.7 Oz for $4.49 USD. This was the first dry shampoo I bought when I became aware of these products, honestly at that time, there weren’t many under the budget options and this seemed to be the one who adequate to my necessities without breaking my wallet. This product is designed for Oily/Straight to Normal hair. My thoughts well, scent is not a good one, which I didn’t like but did not linger in my hair, it would get rid of my oiliness but only for a couple of hours and I could only use it under state of emergency because it was a white spray (my hair is dark) so this was not the greatest option for me.

  2. Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo 5 Oz for $3.55 USD.This was the second dry shampoo I was able to try; it was a major change from the TRESemme one, because this one has a nicer scent. I liked it because even though it was a white spray it was easier for me to make it work into my hair. Scent did fade after a couple of minutes and they also sold the conditioner for the same price, the conditioner gives shine to your hair and also has a nice scent. But still although this would last me longer than the TRESemme it did not cut an entire day for me.

  3. Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo 5 Oz for $4.89 USD. This product is between the last two in price comparison, and in my opinion works great. I did notice that even though this is a white spray as well, I don’t have to invest a lot of time in making it disappear, it makes my hair last all day and it gives it volume. Now something that needs to be considered is that this product has a STRONG perfume scent and I mean a very overpowering one. I would apply it and believe me the scent will linger on me all day (Suggestion: Don’t wear perfume that day). So if you have troubles with scent I would stay away from this one because it does last. Another thing to consider and this hasn’t happened to me but I read it has to some is that some cans tend to empty really fast, like after two uses. I am not sure if that is a fail in the design or what, but I would be very upset to pay a can, use it twice and have no product left.

  4. Batiste A Hint of Colour Dark & Deep Brown Dry Shampoo 6.73 Oz for $5.99 (At Marshalls). First of all let me clarify that the Batiste Shampoo’s are not that price, they are sold at $8.00 USD and in the States are hard to find, the only place I’ve seen Batiste was in an Ulta near where I live and they are sold at $8.00 a can, so what was my surprise that while walking over a Marshalls the other day I found this product. I don’t know any other brand that for this price will give you a product especially for your hair needs. I mean “dark deep brown” just said my name in the bottle. Did I purchase it? HECK YEAH. I’ve wanted to try this for the longest (and I don’t see myself flying to the UK soon) so it was a surprise to find it here. Anyways, I used it and fell in love, absolutely 0 white spray, it absorbs oil very nice and my hair looked completely normal the next day. I used it again for 3 days straight (for the sake of this post) and my hair amazingly survived. It does have this scent but it was not as overpowering as the Dove Can and it did fade during the day. Just beware, if you use this product you have to be careful when you apply it as it is for dark hair it is a tinted spray, so it can stain your clothes, the instructions say you can clean them with soap and water but I don’t want to risk it so I apply it when I am still in my pajamas.

Overall, if I had to pick one I would certainly go with the Batiste Dry Shampoo, only because it does last longer and it is designed for my hair. If I was under a heavy budget (and could not find it in Marshalls anymore) I would have to go with Dove, but now that I think about their empty can maybe I would not want to risk in paying double which would give me Batiste at full price.

Hope this post was helpful for you,

Have you tried any of these or any other? Please let us know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,



Frugal Friday: Battle of the Blushes

Hello everyone, welcome to another segment of Frugal Friday’s, where saving money matters, without sacrificing looking smocking hot. So today is blush talk, you know it I just love blush (and mascara), sometimes I think I go a bit overboard with it, but hey I love looking like grandma (just kidding!!) anyways today competitors are:

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Smooth Talker Blush ($6.00 USD) vs. Benefit Sugarbomb Blush ($28.00 USD)

I bought the Hard Candy blush a long time ago, I think it was when they first came out, and I thought that benefit blushes were way expensive for me. So Smooth Talker comes with four different shades that you can mix to create a wonderful color; I would say it leaves this pretty peach cheek color overall. It also comes with a small brush that I think has no use, so I disregarded that one immediately and started using my blush brush (May I suggest one from Real Techniques?). This has no scent as the benefit blushes (you know, they say that these smell like candy and rainbows), but it is no bother for me at all, I mean is not that I need a nice scent in my cheeks to look good. Overall good product and for the price, I do prefer this one instead of the CoverGirl (which scent reminds me to my grandma) blushes.

Now for Benefit Sugarbomb you can see that the design is very similar I mean it comes in this box and has 4 colors which I also see are very similar. Now I have not used this exact product but I have used other benefit blush (Bella Bamba) and they do smell like candy and rainbows. At first you don’t notice it that much but as you keep using the product scent becomes more noticeable. They also come with a brush with may look a bit better than the hard candy one, but still I don’t think that it is the optimal blush application brush. The tap separates from the product which I think is not that convenient especially if you are on the run, I prefer the tap of the hard candy because it is attached to the box. And lastly the price it is expensive. The only way is buying a kit (And that’s how I got Bella Bamba), because if I had to pay for this I rather get a NARS blush, but that’s just me.

So yep in this case I would go for the Hard Candy Blush, I think it is a good drugstore option and you can really make it work. I hope this information is helpful for you.

Have you tried any of these blushes, if so what’s your opinion?

Until Next Time,



Frugal Friday’s: Battle of the Mascaras

Hey everyone I hope that you all are having a great Friday. Today I decided to do this post because I am a mascara maniac. I would consider my lashes have enough length, but one thing that I have struggled my entire life is holding up the curl. I mean when I apply mascara my lashes just go down. I really envy my hubby because he has these beautiful naturally curled lashes. Anyways these are the contenders for the day:

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Frugal Friday’s: Battle of the Primers

Hey all, welcome to this new post of Frugal Friday, I wanted to make this post for so long, but I wanted to try these products the most that I could to make sure to bring you accurate information. And let me just tell you that I am amazed with the results and very excited to give you this review. So without further due todays competitors are:

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