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The Lipstick that Looks Expensive But is Not

“That lipstick looks gorgeous” a girl who works in Sephora told me while I was checking out some purchases, I was like “Thank You it’s CoverGirl” she could not believe it; now I don’t normally receive these type of compliments,  but when I do I have to write about it.

And I wanted to talk about this lipstick because it really is a very faltering color and is not a high end brand, two of my favorite things. So I came up with this lipstick watching a YouTube video (not a surprise) and I found the color beautiful.


Divine Wine is a color that when you might see it you may think “this color will not be good for me”, basically because it looks purple, but when you apply it it truly transforms into this amazing vibrant color, in my lips is a little bit berry. Also, it lasts a long time and leaves a tint on your lips when it fades. I truly recommend this if you are looking for a pop of color this season.

Until next time12224569_489785821202232_265362370_n(1)





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June Faves and Loves

Hey everyone, so I filmed these favorites a lot!! Basically since I moved I’ve been trying to find my filming spot which has been a bit of a nightmare lol, I don’t know but it was way easier to film in my last apartment, anyways here they are, I know it’s almost July but believe me I’ve been using all these products strong solid and I keep loving them.

Until Next Time,


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What I Loved in February

Hi Hello!! Today I have my February Favorites, the first favorites review of this year YAY! Basically I will say that this is short and simple, these have been staples of me these past few weeks. Enjoy!!

Products Mentioned:

Bath and Body Works – Sleep Lavander Chamomile Body Cream

CoverGirl – Clump Crusher Mascara

Lush – The Kiss Lip Balm

bareMinerals – Eyeshadow Palette in The Happy Place

NYX – Dewy Finish Setting Spray

Until Next Time


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My TOP 13 of 2013

Hello my friends, today while writing I noticed a pattern I am currently only posting on Friday’s, I don’t know why but seems fit right now, lol. So today I wanted to talk a little bit about my TOP 13 products of 2013, which let me say the majority of this products are still part of my favorites.

These products came with me in my Long Ecuadorian Journey and I would say they saved me big time while being away. As time passes by I noticed that I am more defined on the products that suit me well, don’t get me wrong I do LOVE trying new products, but for quite some time (almost half part of the year) these were the products that helped my skin in times of need (especially because Makeup in South America is freakingly expensive…Almost $20 USD for a Maybelline Mascara…gimme a break).

So here they are my Most Loved products of 2013, hoping that you enjoy. If you have any comments please leave them below!!

Until Next Time,


PS. BTW I was asked to do a review for the Maybelline Pore Eraser by the lovely MuaByNikki, hang in there girl that review will be definitely coming next week so stay tuned.


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September Beauty Favorites

Hey everyone, so the time has arrived I have my September favorites for all of you, I am pretty excited to have some time today to do some blogging I am right here sitting in front of my desk at the hotel just relaxing, you have no idea how am I treasuring this moment after working non-stop for 12 days.

Anyways, you will notice in this video that my voice is different, well I’ve been sick because oh my god weather is crazy in here, Quito has the 4 seasons in one day, so I have a cold. I feel better right now, but on Friday I felt like dying. Anyways this weekend was amazing for me. I did some tourism with a couple of friends here and got to meet cool new places (blog soon!!)

But for what we are here, my favorites…Enjoy!!

Until Next Time,




July Favorites and Not So Much!

Hey everyone, Happy Friday!! I am so glad the week is over you have no idea, and what a better way to start the weekend by showing you my July Favorites!!

Also, I did an additional video for my unfavorites, I did have quite some this month, and I decided to start a new section called Beauty Boogers, these really are products that I have tried and have not worked for me at all, some of them let me tell you might not be bad they only did not work for me.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend; I know I will full of homework LOL.

Until Next Time,