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Beauty is Not Only a Job, it's an Adventure

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Thoughts of a forgotten mind

There are times in our lives when I believe it’s OK to stop, breathe for a while and enjoy the endeavors which surround us. There are other times when we get consumed by our day to day activities that we don’t give ourselves the chance of enjoying life happenings. It seems that it all comes down to having a balance; having the equilibrium of each aspect in our lives.

Too much work leads to living in a cycle that might lead to a stressed and not happy life, on the other hand too much fun leads to a life where in my opinion not much gets accomplished.

So what is the key for a life well balanced? Is there an ABC recipe I can follow? Will I ever be destined to work and not think about other stuff? Well, these past few weeks I started an experiment, and the first lesson I received was that having a balanced life takes a butt load of work. You need to plan and organize, especially if you have a lot of activities to accomplish in one day.

What I did was some kind of schedule, yes like the one I had as a kid so I could remember all the things I had to do, this includes everything, from waking up at 6:00 AM, through finishing a day perfectly at 10:00 PM. There are a lot of activities I included, but today I want to write about the ones that for me mean having a more balanced life:

Start with Breakfast and that is because throughout the years I started skipping it, but what I have learned is never skip breakfast, it really is the most important meal of the day, I started neglecting breakfast because I wanted to sleep more, but I wanted more sleep because the day before I stayed up late watching TV.

By the way don’t watch TV, I  know this sounds ugly, but really if you want to accomplish things in life don’t sit in your couch for 3 hours changing channels until you find something that amuses you, Is not that I don’t watch TV, but if I have a show I like, I make use of my DVR and tape it, then watch it over the weekends, plus I can skip the ads, which in my opinion are a waste of time and make me fat because I cannot control myself when I see that random Pizza advertisement.

Work Out, yes yes everybody tell us how exercise is great for our mind and body, and well it certainly is. Whenever I stop working out I feel tired, depressed and my mind doesn’t function as it should; you don’t have to join a gym if you don’t want to, there are tons of videos that can help you work out, or you can also walk outside, but do try moving your body at least 30 minutes every day.

Read before going to sleep, something you like and enjoy, it can be something funny, adventurous or spooky, try avoiding topics related to your work, because that time should help you relax and unwind from all the things you already did over the day.

Lastly find your passion, a couple of weeks ago I discovered that  mine is swimming, I used to swim while at college and discovered that was the only sport I did not suck at because a) I didn’t get hit with a ball in the head and b) I didn’t get hit with a ball in the head. The feeling that swimming and being underwater gives me, is nothing I can’t compare so I had added this activity to my Sunday’s it is part of my “me time”.



Christmas Season and Writing Lessons

I love Christmas Season I simply do…I know that for the last couple of years my life has changed and the way I used to celebrate is totally different now (I didn’t have a Christmas Tree last year, cuz I was moving) but I am getting better this year. It is weird how sometimes you think that you have things sorted out but you simply don’t, because life comes and gives you unexpected opportunities.

Christmas season always gives me the inspiration for writing, the feeling of having a little time off from work, focus on the things I enjoy doing and I can’t normally do because I am crazy busy with other things. The feeling of having some “me time” to sit in my desk in front of the laptop and start typing while my oldie but goodie John Mayer tracks go on its invaluable.

This takes me back to my first years of writing, when I was too afraid to publish my thoughts to the world because I was too worried that people would not like it or point it out. Well, now at 30 years I decided that “life is just too short and I don’t care anymore”. I think that motto has taken me more places than I expected, maybe because when you stop caring about what others think is when you really start living and enjoying what you do.

Happy Holidays

Until Next Time

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September is Time for Embracing Change

Hey everyone, so right now is Monday September 1st at 9:27 PM, it is amazing to see that I am here at home typing and had some time earlier to prepare lunch for the entire week while doing laundry and uploading YouTube videos. Let me explain why? I work in the finance world and going back to almost a year my 1st day of the month was always full of work and leaving the office very late (yes I did have to work today…Labor Day, but left the office at 5:00 pm).

Tonight, I wanted to write about how amazed I am that in a couple of days it will be a year since I decided to make a big change in my life. You see, a year ago I had a job in another city, I thought I had things figured out and I was comfortable, yet there was something bothering me inside, I knew it would take me a long long time to grow in the company I was and it was worth trying out something else, while being scared of change, I also decided to throw it to the universe and say I really want a change.

Change 1

And the change came, scary as always, but this time I decided to jump in and embrace it with open arms. Tonight, I want to say that I am grateful, because that change brought amazing and spectacular things to my life. It  was hard, YES, I am not going to say it was easy, but I can say that it was WORTH IT.

And still change doesn’t stop to amaze me because it seems I will be receiving change again, which again it’s scary, but not as much as one year ago. I think that as humans we need change in our lives, we cannot be living under the same circumstances always, and I am a firm believer that change is always for good reasons it helps us grow and evolve.

Change 2

So I believe that for a second time in a row September is the month of change for me, so I have nothing else to say than in this month I am again embracing change with my open arms letting new things into my life and knowing that things will be alright.

Wishing you all the best
Until Next Time,


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A girl of the 90’s enjoying the 2000’s

It looks like it was yesterday when I was graduating high school and starting my college life. Feeling as if I was invincible and nothing could touch me. I felt GREAT and CONFUSED at the same time, an almost adult trying to make the best decisions I could. I won’t deny it, now that I remember some of the decisions I took were not the most coherent ones, but they made me who I am today and I am really happy of that.

I do remember that music was a BIG part of me while being a student, there was something about music that really transported me to a perfectly ethereal place and gave me the confidence to achieve anything I wanted. Music was my push to wake up, go to school, do my chores, homework, study, my company in countless free hours I had.

So today we are taking a travel back in time, to my favorite artists, the ones that helped me with my English (yes my native language was Spanish). Today when I listen to this music I feel happy because it brings me back to good old moments and that’s neat.

1. Garbage. This was the first group I saw that made me say WOAH this red hair girl is unique. I remember spending my afternoons while doing homework watching MTV videos and when their PUSH IT video was released I was like this video is….strange, and I could not stop watching it. There was something weird about that band that I liked and I really enjoyed listening to them.

2. The Cardigans. Of course we might all remember their hit song from the Romeo and Juliet’s movie but I loved MY FAVOURITE GAME  fast driving in the highway so fearless (don’t do it kid’s) and the accident at the end and her getting hit by the rock LMFAO.

3. Limp Bizkit. This group was hardcore for the time (even the hubs confirmed that!), but there was something about them that made me like some of their songs especially BREAK STUFF. I don’t know why I just liked it so I thought it was worth mentioning it here. And I could confirm that in that time red caps and white T-Shirts where the bomb.

4. Boy Bands. YES!! 360 degree change here, I must admit I was a boy band girl, Westlife with Swear it Again, Take That with Back for Good, Backstreet Boys with all their albums, I loved their songs and when I hear them today I still can sing them!

5. Natalie Imbruglia. I loved her and her TORN song, the video was so simple but I loved her thrift style outfit (which probably was a very expensive one) and her distressed haircut (which I tried to get…total FAIL btw!!) I could see this video over and over again.

Do you remember some of these Videos? Which was the music that defined you in your younger years?

Until Next Time,


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Galveston, a pit stop from the city

Aloha everyone, happy Monday afternoon,  I am still recovering from the weekend at the beach which was incredibly fun! I gotta say it was so hot that I got burned even after I applied sunblock like crazy. Right now I am surviving from Aloe Vera because my blouse burns my arms lol. Anyways, I would not change it for anything.

We started by taking the highway at 9:00 AM I wanted to go earlier but, I did not end up packing the day before. However,  it was great timing,  we arrived at Galveston and the sun was already bright and shinning, we started by taking a walk at the pier, OMG it was so nice, even though I heard people say it was ugly I really liked it an lots of families seem to go to spend their weekend there.


Then I just wanted to go straight to the water, because the heat was intense, so we went in, this was the first time of me actually going into “ocean water” and I must say it was very very fun, water felt warm so I had no troubles jumping in.


After that we wanted to have lunch at Bubba Gump but waiting times were insane so we decided to eat at some random place, however it was a great weekend I really enjoyed it.


So what did you do this weekend??

Until Next Time

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It’s finally Friday and I want to go to the Beach!


First of all, happy Friday everyone, I think I was not that excited about a weekend like this one. Last weekend was me resting, and while I needed it doesn’t compare to what I was planning, however it helped me recover.

Lately, I really been liking taking short trips with my hubs, because it has made me realize that you have to enjoy life, and meeting new places help you relax and take your mind away from other stuff that sometimes can get hectic. Now, honestly I was not like this, in the past I would see traveling as a waste of time, but now I do feel is an important part of keeping a balanced mind and it has helped me see life with different eyes. Also, it has helped me being more calmed while I am under stressful situations and solved them more efficiently.

Today I am so happy because tomorrow we are going to the beach iiiikkk!!!, I guess I haven’t gone since I was in high school (long time ago!). So the hubs and I are planning a little field trip to Galveston.

Now, I heard some people complain about Galveston (that is not pretty enough, whatever!) but other people have gone and really liked it, so I really need to go and see it for myself. Still I am excited because I feel so good today that nothing will stop me (hopefully!).

So what are your plans for this weekend? I really would like to know!

Until Next Time,


Being Grateful

Today was the first day I felt so good of not feeling sick . It’s not that I’m being dramatic here, but last week I woke up and felt very very bad. I am normally a healthy person, but that day Oh men I felt like a car ran over me and kept going. As I was still working with month end, I turned on my laptop and started to browse over my e-mails. Then I could not take it anymore, I called my hubby and told him to take me to the hospital.

He even got scared, because I think I never have told him that before, but the pain I felt was so bad, I could not help it, I felt a horrible pain in my lower back and what would look like very bad cramps. So we rushed to the hospital which felt for me like hours. Long story short I only had an infection, which is thank God not that bad.

Today is my last day with antibiotics and I really feel good, and I just felt grateful, because it makes me remember how many times I don’t do things because I get lazy, and stop living life because of that. So being in that state even if it was for a short time made me feel like there are no excuses in enjoying life and working out, eating healthy, and do productive things.

I do feel a bit tired still, and I know I need to rest, but believe me that feeling healthy has no price!