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Organizing my makeup

Having my makeup stash organized has been an arduous task lately, especially when I am running late (which is 90% of the time), I was thinking on purchasing a couple of clear containers to organize my makeup, but gosh they are freaking expensive. Until the other day that I was at Wal-Mart trying to find a lock for my gym locker.


I was amazed to find this and it was less than $7.00 dollars, they do have several different shapes and prices, but in comparison they are inexpensive,  I think they are great for storing makeup while looking great.  I love how my makeup looks and I cam see everything!! So if you are looking for some great containers go to Wal-Mart,  they are in their DIY Home Improvement section.



DIY: Peter Pan Collar

So I was rumbling thru YouTube the other day and found out a Peter Pan Collar Necklace done by missglamorazzi on her channel. I really liked the idea and I had to recreate it, if you started following recently I already did a peter pan collar in the past), and although I really liked it, it kind of choked me a little (maybe because my pattern was not well cut, or I have a big neck LOL). Anyways, in the video she gives you the link where she got other pattern, this was done by Alison Faulkner from The Alison Show (click if you want it here, and this is what I did.

So what will you need for this DIY?

  • A piece of felt I bought mine in beige color to match the beads.
  • Any desired colored beads I got mine at Michaels.
  • Glue you can use craft glue but I didn’t buy any so I used a hot gun.
  • Scissors.
  • Lace.
  • A Space you can work on, in my case I have an old cardboard.
  • Pencil or Marker.

First you need to download the pattern and print it out, before cutting it out I modified it just a bit to make the curve of the collar more prominent (which missglamorazzi also did), this really made the difference in my case. Then I just folded the felt in half and with my pattern cut the collar.

Then I just started gluing the beads, I waited for my glue gun to be really hot to make sure the beads would not fall. I started gluing all the corners because I wanted to alternate colors, but you can go randomly if you want to.

When all the corners where finished I just added beads randomly making sure they glued to the felt.

Last, I just cut two pieces of lace and glued them to the back of my necklace.

And that was it

I can now enjoy a Peter Pan Collar Necklace. I like this because I can use it with a lot of different colored blouses and looks very good and classy, I even received several compliments for this. I just love it.

Until Next Time,



What NOT To Buy Your Significant Other For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day it’s just around the corner, for me little details count more, I don’t like flowers and I don’t ask for the most expensive gift, but still there are boundaries and things that you should never give to your significant other in this day. Here I have some examples:

  • Inapropiate Gift Cards. And I am not talking about a Victoria’s Secret / Massage one (because those are appropriate for that day). But a $10.00 dollar Wal-Mart gift card does not cut it; better buy him/her a $10.00 box of chocolates with that money.

  • Things that remind you to other person. True story, I heard once someone received a perfume and the guy told her, I got this for you because it reminds me to my mom. I don’t know if the guy was homesick or what but you cannot do that. Or worst saying this was the scent my ex used.

  • Something you would like for yourself. Ok I know that sometimes we inadvertently get something we like and think that our significant other would like as well. But, if you love Star Wars and your partner cannot stand sci-fi movies why are you getting him/her something related?

Disclaimer. I am not saying that you should spend hundreds of dollars in a Valentine’s Day gift because honestly I don’t do it. I try to put myself under a $10-15 dollars budget, because honestly I better surprise my significant other with a better present on his birthday. But nice details count, you only have to invest a bit of time thinking about it, and if you cannot think of anything check out Pinterest, they have tons of ideas.


DIY Wrapping Christmas Presents (The Easy Way)

“Ok maybe the Gods didn’t want me to have the gift of wrapping, but hey I do what I can”

Happy day everyone, I am still getting ready for the festivities, trying not to run away screaming down our hallway (Just kidding!). Anyways, a thought invaded me today, and I recalled that is a thought that year by year haunts me. How will you be wrapping your Christmas presents?

Now, each year I go through the same situation in here and it seems that I already created a pattern. I look very nice wrapping ideas at a magazine and say “oh wow I have to do that for our presents this year”. Then I go over the internet and look for more, because my brain tells me “there might be other ideas you must be missing out”. Then at the end I am left with nothing…NADA… and I end up wrapping my presents in Sephora bags (which I think are totally cool, but yet they don’t say marry Christmas for everybody).

So this year, before starting to break my head out I said to myself I wouldn’t sweat it out and would go with the candy theme…Now I have to explain you what the candy theme is. This is a technique I learned last year in the desperation of a Sunday afternoon before delivering presents for my friends the next day, and requires not that much things, and I love it because you don’t need boxes, or fancy wrapping paper…

This works great for small presents, but I am thinking that it can work with bigger presents as well; I will have to give it a try. So this is what you will need:

  • Colored bright tissue-paper, I would go with red because it’s more Christmassy, but you can go with Green, Gold, etc. Now what I did is I collected all the red tissue you get from Sephora when you buy there; that’s called reusing and recycling, my friends.
  • Cellophane Plastic (I’m not sure if you can call it that way) but is normally clear plastic paper that it also comes in other colors.
  • Curling Ribbon (You can get fancy and buy red, gold, silver)
  • 1 Cardboard (I used a red folder that didn’t have any use), but you can buy them at the dollar store
  • Christmas Stickers (You can get those at the Dollar Store)
  • Scissors
  • A Ruler
  • Design Scissors (You can find these at a Dollar Store as well)
  • A Pencil
  • A Drill

Now this is what I did, first I worked with the small tags; as my gift wrappers were not going to be that flamboyant I needed nice tags (that would distract the person from the odd wrapping), so what I did was I took the red cardboard and draw rectangular squares on the same size (using the pencil and the ruler), next y cut them and folded them in half, then I just cut one of the edges with the design scissors, after that I only added a nice Christmassy sticker. The last thing I did was drilling the left corner of the tags so that I could add some curling ribbon and attach them to the gifts.

You can see, in my desperation, those were the tags I did last year!!

Now for the gifts, the first thing I did was measure the tissue and cellophane papers and cut them a bigger size than the gift, I considered in here that the clear cellophane needed to be a bit bigger than the tissue, because you will make a candy shape.

Then start wrapping/rolling the gift, which basically means take the red paper and do a sort of twist, next you can take the ends and make a candy shape, if you have trouble with the paper use a small piece of tape (because tape will be your friend here).

Now follow the same steps with the cellophane paper and end up by closing the candy with the curling ribbon.

So I did that for basically all the Christmas presents:

Now possibilities are endless and you can go beyond red, for my girly friends this year I created a pink candy wrap with white tags, so what I did was use some pink tissue paper I had in storage, and pink and silver curling ribbon, those candies look so cute.

Last, attach your little tag to one of the corners for each candy and write a cute message.

And voila you have cute candies for everyone.

So I hope this helps all of you if you have no idea how to wrap gifts,

Until Next Time,



DIY: Restoring a Vintage Mirror

Ready for a New DIY? Well today I have this one for you; we restored a vintage old mirror. If you have been an assiduous follower of my blog you know that we moved last year (I know time goes fast), so we finally got our first place that we can call HOME. So yep we haven’t been decorating that much until now, so I had this mirror from our old house, this belonged to my grandma so it’s 100% vintage (how cool is that?) but for the color not much.

So my hubby wanted to throw it away and I was like BIG NO NO, I knew we could restore this mirror, (he was kind of skeptical, but I had high hopes). Anyways, we have an extra room which we decided will be the guest bedroom, so now I have green light to start hanging stuff and decorating, my MAIN idea is go with the black and white theme and then have a POP OF COLOR (which I have yet to decide on it) but I knew I wanted this mirror black. This mirror reminds me big time of the damask print and that was something I wanted to achieve (and it’s kind of like the main idea for the room).

To get started I just disassembled the mirror because I didn’t want the hassle of taping everything in.

Next, we painted the frame with black spray (well the hubby did), this took about 3 coats of spray, we waited about 15 minutes per spray.

And that was it, we hung the mirror and it LOOKS AMAZING!! I love it

And that was it, I hope this has inspired you all this long weekend to go a do some DIY’s

Until Next Time,



Crafty Halloween Ideas

Hey everybody, so with Halloween around the corner I just got so inspired by some of the Pinterest ideas I showed you a couple of posts ago. (If you need inspiration click here). When it comes to DIY’s and crafts I am all about the easy projects but with details that make them pop. So I went on a Halloween shopping spree and got some things to create these deliciousness of goodies.

Hope it gets you inspired:

Candy Corn Pumpkins

Marshmallow Ghosts

Chocolate Mint Frankie’s

Pumpkin Spicy Pops

Rat Eyeballs, Spider Legs and Ghost Poop (My Favorite Ones)

Until Next Time,


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DIY: Chevron Stripes Brush Holder

Hey everybody, today I have this exciting DIY for all of you and a little bit of recycling tip. So the other day I was in the desperate need of a brush holder. The truth is that I did not want anything made of glass because I move my brushes from one place to another constantly. And obviously I did not want to spend any money in getting one.

So this came to my mind. Have you seen the small Pringles containers? They are awesome for this task, or to store other things like pens and pencils. Of course I wanted my brush holder to look unique and cool, so I thought about “Chevron Stripes” because what is more inn right now than Chevron stripes?

I know you can print your own chevron stripes and just tape it to the container, but I thought about using Crayons for this DIY.

  1. For materials you would need: A small empty pringles container (previously cleaned), Crayons, Scotch Tape, contact paper, white paper (Or the design you have), a pencil, and a ruler.

  2. I just love crayons (and their smell…which makes me sound weird); it reminded me of kindergarten all over again.

  3. I previously drew the Chevron Stripes Design, but in this step you can you and use the design you want, then I just started coloring the stripes.

  4. I used purple crayon as well. My original idea was only using purple and pink colors and add glitter to the rest, but I was unsuccessful and ended up making a complete mess (so I stick to all crayons).

  5. You can see the pattern finished here.

  6. Time to adhere the design for this I only used scotch tape and finished by using contact paper (because I do want this thing to last)

  7. And tadaaaaaaa…an edgy brush holder is done.

You can really make these of anything; you can also use magazines or newspapers. Imagination is your limit!

Until Next Time,