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Dry Shampoo’s

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who recently moved to the states from other country. We were talking about hair stuff (because you all know I love hair products and experimenting with my hairstyles). Anyways, at some point she was telling me that she saw a video in YouTube because she wanted to learn how to curl her hair, and she asked me about dry shampoo because she saw the girl using it at some point.

And you know how passionate I am about Dry Shampoo, my motto is, If you are trying to grow your hair do not wash it every single day, the majority of the stylists if not all will tell you the same.

Thankfully we now have dry shampoo, which will help you those days, because nobody wants to be walking with oily greasy hair. Also, you can use dry shampoo if you need to give volume to your hair (which I am guessing the girl in the video did) not necessarily only if you have dirty hair.

Now, I have tried a big variety of dry shampoo’s over the years you name it I used it, and as my hair is dark it is harder to find a good product that doesn’t leave your scalp white. I use it because YES I do not wash my hair every day because I am trying to let it grow and I have a lot, so washing it is a nightmare.

Today I will talk a bit about my recent faves:


1. Batiste. This is my number 1 product I love it because it is designed for brunettes and it really works at making my hair look clean, I just only wished scent was better, but still I love the results it gives. You can find this at Ulta but is a bit pricey around $8.00 USD for a bottle, but I buy mine at Marshalls and it is less expensive :).

2. Dove. In love with the scent but it does leave a white cast so you need to comb your hair very good after you apply it, this buddy is inexpensive, you can find it at walmart for around $3.00 USD. I heard some people saying that this doesn’t last a lot, but I had mine for the longest time (not sure if they got a lemon).

3. Suave Conditioner. This is the first product I saw that came with dry shampoo and dry conditioner, I finished the shampoo (which did not amaze me…sorry), but this conditioner I like, I don’t know if it really works or just in my mind but I like applying it sometimes after the dry shampoo, not totally necessary but I want to finish it up.

4. Oscar Blandi. I bought this for my wedding day, I love it because this is the first CLEAR shampoo I use, it is very easy to apply for the same reason and it has a nice scent to it, not overwhelming at all.

5. Detox by Dry Bar. I got this as a YouTube made me do it kind of thing, people rave a lot about this brand, it does work but it is white I think this would work great if you are a blond, but I really cannot justify the price, this little bottle cost me around $12.00 USD.

So I hope this help you all, have you used any of these shampoo’s?

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Best Shampoo for Oily Scalp!

Yes, I have oily scalp!! My hair was not like this in the past, but I think I can blame the change of weather of my new city. You see in the past I used to live in a hot and dry weather and now Houston, if you ever been here summers are hot and humid. I was using a “normal” drugstore shampoo and it started building this oil thing in my head, I would feel as if I hadn’t washed my hair in months!!!

I changed shampoo’s and it worked for a week or so and then it started happening again, I felt so bad!! Especially because I am going to the gym more and well nobody wants to have greasy yucky hair. I know that washing your hair also everyday is very very bad, but as my hair was this way I could not go one day without washing it.

So the other day I remembered about the Neutrogena anti-residue formula shampoo, It is a small bottle (not like any conventional shampoo) but a little bit lathers real good. As my hair was having a horrible day I went with it two times.




The scent of this product is a bit musky and it does linger in your hair after you wash it and even till next day. What I did was wash my hair at night and let it air dry and slept (which is exactly what I’ve been doing with my other shampoo’s). The next morning amazingly my hair was not oily at all, I decided to straight it with my CHI flat iron (which I stopped using due to my oiliness) and my hair feels so soft and light I love it.

Now one thing though I know you are not supposed to use this every day, because it really strips all the oil out of your hair. But what I am planing is on “training” my hair to not washing it every day and be more reliable on my dry Shampoo.

I heard that this type of Shampoo is good to be used once every two weeks if you want to get rid of all of the gunk in your hair and believe me it works. So Yes I would recommend this shampoo I love it.

Until Next Time,


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September Beauty Favorites

Hey everyone, so the time has arrived I have my September favorites for all of you, I am pretty excited to have some time today to do some blogging I am right here sitting in front of my desk at the hotel just relaxing, you have no idea how am I treasuring this moment after working non-stop for 12 days.

Anyways, you will notice in this video that my voice is different, well I’ve been sick because oh my god weather is crazy in here, Quito has the 4 seasons in one day, so I have a cold. I feel better right now, but on Friday I felt like dying. Anyways this weekend was amazing for me. I did some tourism with a couple of friends here and got to meet cool new places (blog soon!!)

But for what we are here, my favorites…Enjoy!!

Until Next Time,




Review | The Wet Brush

Great for detangling wet and dry hair, wigs and extensions, that is the first thing that caught my eye when I saw this brush at Sally Beauty Supplies. Honestly I was in the need of a new hair brush because the one that I normally use should not be called a brush anymore.

Before rushing to Sally’s I saw this product at The Beauty Department site, they said that it was a great brush and I thought well I might as well go and check it out. When I saw it this was priced $8.99 USD, but as my mom is a pro preferred member at the store I ended up paying $5.00 USD (Yay!)

So this brush has flexible bristles that help detangle your hair without any pain, in the past I did not use to have any problems with tangles, but now that my hair is longer I do suffer detangling it, and I must admit I did have some split ends because I was a little rough with my hair.

Well, I don’t have that problem anymore because this brush is AMAZING, another great thing is, I do have some fake bangs and this brush is great for detangling them. So if you own a wig, some bangs, or have extensions this brush is great for that.

I am now imagining that if you have kids with really tangled hair this might be helpful as well. I also heard that this was greater than the so famous “Tangle Teezer” I could not corroborate that because I have not used it, BUT I do know that the Wet Brush is less expensive because when I was at Sally’s the Tangle Teezer was $15.00 USD and it doesn’t even have a handle (Just Saying!).

So yep I do recommend this product, it is great and it comes in different colors, my Sally had Black and Purple, but I have seen it in Pink and Turquoise over the internet.

Until Next Time


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Want Straight Hair?

My hair is wavy and sometimes it’s just very hard to tame. Anyways, there are just times when I need my hair to look like if a pro straightened it without going to the salon (‘cuz you gotta save those bucks); for those occasions I use my John Frieda 3-day Straight Styling Spray. I think I did a post on this one when I was starting my blog, but now I wanted to make a video to show you how wonderful this product is.

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March Beauty Favorites

It is that time of the month again, yes when I talk about my beauty favorites. March was a month that flew by pretty fast, but at the same time there were days when I just needed a break LOL. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your March month, and are starting to enjoy warmer days now that spring arrived (I know I am).

BTW, you may notice in the video that I have my hair very very straight, well I did a tutorial on that which will be up very soon, so if you have wavy hair and want to get rid of it stay tuned.

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Getting Bangs Without Cutting Your Hair

Is this story familiar to you? You feel like you need a new hairstyle, thinking about bangs/fringe but you are letting your hair grow and don’t want to chop it off? I used to have these thoughts several times a month, and in the past I would go and run to get bangs too.

But not today my friends, with eBay on hand I was able to score some fake bangs you read right, for $5.00 bucks I was able to get me a piece of hair that will help me for the days that I get bored.

Anyways I leave you here with some shots I took, you can see that these look kind of real (at least for me), and I am really satisfied with my purchase.

Until Next Time,