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Getting #RadiantWithAVEENO

Hello everybody, happy almost Friday everybody, this week was very busy for me, month end is comming and you know it can drive someone cray cray. Especially since I am training someone (more on that on other post) Anyways, I have a little time off so I want to talk about a product that I started using a couple of weeks ago. Honestly in the past I had some trouble finding a good face moisturizer. I know it is important to moisturize your face day and night, but as I always have had oily skin I must admit I sometimes tend to skip that step from my routine.

However, when I do use moisturizers I tend to use the same for morning and night, I don’t know why but I really feel it is a hassle to have night and day cream, it’s just too much for me, especially if I am running from one way to another. So a couple of weeks I received the Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes.


Let’s be honest, I know this is a tone corrector moisturizer (and I do have some hyper-pigmentation), but in there it says you can use it day and night so I was sold with that. The product is a bit expensive around $16.00 in the drugstore and comes with 1.1fl Oz. Scent is like mostly Aveeno products, if you had use them you’ll know what I am talking about. Product comes out lightweight and a little bit goes a long way, I normally use a pea size amount, and have been using it constantly day and night for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

Now, I honestly have not noticed a big change in my hyper-pigmentation, but this moisturizer is the, let me explain why, basically it has not broken me out in any way, and does not make my makeup look shinny crazy during the day. This is a very big deal if you have very Oily Skin and are in the middle of the summer in a hot humid weather. So YES I love this moisturizer, maybe it’s not why because it was designed for but hey it works great, so I really appreciate receiving this little bottle and definitely will repurchase when this is over, which I guess will not be soon cuz I still have a heck load of product left.

Have you used this moisturizer? If so what you thought about it?

Until Next Time,



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Review | Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

Hey everyone, so today I have a review for all of you I am pretty excited about this one because if you know me I am a big Mascara Fan. I don’t know why, but every time I see a new mascara I just want to try it out.

Today I have this Mascara from Rimmel which I received Compliments from Influenster, I have been an Influenster subscriber for quite some time now and I have received a couple of products to Review in the past, but I’ve never received a Mascara, so when I got contacted by them for this I had to go for it. Luckily I got selected and my mascara arrived in the mail last week. Disclaimer: I received this product compliments of Influenster for Testing Purposes, however you know me all opinions here are my own .

So basically Rimmel states: The Grow-Lash Complex of Procapil, Keratin and Antioxidants conditions lashes for soft, lush beauty day after day. After 30 days, lashes appear longer, stronger and more numerous! The lash-catching brush gives you perfect separation for a clump-free result and the new micro-fibre formula allows lashes to stay flexible, never stiff or brittle.

A lot right? Well lets go to the pics…basically you can see in the first picture I just applied my makeup and did not have any mascara you can see in here that my lashes look kind of short.

Next, you can see me with 2 coats of mascara I previously curled my lashes, you can definitely see the difference right?

Last, and this is what I’ve been doing, you can see that in the previous pics my lashes don’t seem that curled, well I always have this problem with Mascaras (Damn you Straight Lashes!!) and I know that this is not a curling mascara so what I did was I waited for it to dry and curled my lashes once again (I know people say this is baaaad but), this is what made me believe that this mascara is flexible, If I do this with other mascaras my mascara will break and I will have mascara bits all over my face, but with this one I don’t and I have been using it for a week and so far so good.

For the 30 day claim, well I would not be sure because basically I’ve been using this baby for only a week, but in the end I just love this mascara, it is amazing and I will continue using it. Most probably I will end up buying it once this is gone!!

Until Next Time,



Palmolive Fresh Infusions Review

Taking care of my hands is something important, and let me tell you why. I once was introduced to one person, when she held my hand to say “Nice to meet you” she also said: “Oh you never wash dishes do you?…Your hands feel so soft” and I was like “Are you serious woman, I use gloves”.

That is correct, in the past I would not let my hands touch dish washer soap because honestly it was too rough and my mom always taught us to take good care of our hands. If by any case we did not have gloves or we had to immediately apply a rich hand moisturizer to our hands right after washing the dishes.
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My Sample Opinion: Cider Lane on the Way

Happy Hump Day, so now that the weather is colder one of my favorite things to do is preparing some hot tea/cocoa, grabbing a good book and lit a candle near to my favorite couch. Nothing says more than “Relaxing Me Time” than this, so lately I’ve been burning this little candle that I got from my Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox . This is in Cider Lane scent from Bath & Body Works.

This cute little candle is excellent for this time of the year; the truth is that over the summer we have around 100+ degrees, so I really don’t like adding more hotness to my environment. So now that is colder I love to lit candles. When I first opened this candle it smelled sweet (If you don’t like sweet scents stay away or this baby will choke you) it reminded me of maple syrup. The first time I burned this it took around 5 to 10 minutes to give its scent and we knew what it smelled like, it was Pan Cakes scent ^_^ that was the scent I perceived.

My office was totally impregnated with the scent of this powerful tiny candle. Even after 2 hours later the room smelled as pan cakes. I really liked it, but then again I love sweet scents.

I did went to bath and body works to buy a big size, but when I was there I ended up getting another scent, because it smelled more Christmas-y…

Anyways, great candle I really loved it. Would I recommend it, I would, but I would suggest you to purchase when Bath & Body Works have their candle sales, that way you can get more things for your money.

Unti Next Time,


Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes; all opinions expressed here are my own.


Super Lucious Lashes

Hey everybody, happy Friday or beginning of the weekend, I mean it is 10:30 pm right now where I am so I could call it Saturday. Anyways, I am here today with a review/makeup of the day. So today to spice things up with my makeup I decided to apply lashes. In my opinion, I do love falsies, but I choose to use them when I have a special occasion (because honestly they do make the difference by completing your makeup look), but I applied them because I really wanted to review them.

Anyways I got this starter kit with my Influenster Beauty VoxBox a couple of weeks ago. They are from the brand Kiss and they didn’t have a name, but they are number KPLS01. So the kit comes with a pair of lashes, an applicator and a small adhesive, so you have everything you need, which I think is really cool if you are going out of town.

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My Sample Opinion: Not your mothers Smooth Moves

Hey everybody, so I’ve been using the Not Your Mothers sample that I received in my Influenster box. It is the Not Your Mothers Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream Now, every day I’ve been washing my hair with my normal shampoo for colored hair, but the truth is that my conditioner ran out, and I haven’t gotten the chance to get another one (the truth is that I keep forgetting to get one every time I go to the store). So in the meantime I started using this small bottle as my “leave in conditioner” after I get out of the shower.

A little background here, my hair is thick and is a bit curly when I don’t tame it properly.

This is the first product from this brand that I get to use, so they say that this exclusive salon formula with coconut oil and silk extracts straightens, de-frizzes and adds shine.

Now at first, this product does smell like coconut (which I adore) I apply a tiny bit (you don’t need a ton of product) in my damp hair right after jumping of the shower and let air dry or use my hair dryer. After this my hair does feel good and smooth.

I have been using my flat iron and I have noticed a difference, normally when I straighten my hair without applying any product (I mean when I don’t use my 3 day straight spray from John Frieda) I am left with a bit of frizz (and a weird bump in the back of my head), now this product does get rid of that, which is great because I normally don’t like to abuse of my John Frieda spray (I like it for special occasions) so this product is great for everyday use in my case.

For the price, I saw that you can get this starting at $6.00 (for 4.0 Oz) which is a good deal if you are using it constantly. I loved this product and it gives it enough kudos to try other products from Not your Mothers!!

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from for testing purposes all opinions stated here are my own.

Have you used any product from this brand that you like?

Until Next Time,



Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012

Hello everyone, so today I just wanted to show you a box that I was expecting in the mail so eagerly. Well I’ve been member of Influenster for some time now. This great site allows you to do product reviews and earn points while doing those, then based on those points and your influence in the community you can get a FREE BOX full of products, which I think is amazing.

Well after waiting long the other day I got my first box. I was pretty excited, so I just did a video showing you what’s in it.

Products Included:

NYC IndividualEyes Custom Compact in Dark Shadows

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit

Bath & Body Works Mini Candle in Cider Lane

EBOOST Effervesent Powder

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

Not your mother’s Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream

Until Next Time,


Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for Testing Purposes from Influenster