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New Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Review!!

Hey everyone, I cannot believe this is the first time in 2 weeks that I am calmly sitting in bed writing, also this is the first time I open my laptop…yes month end came again and work was hectic. But I am here today with this much waited review, which if you follow me on YouTube you would know has been up for a couple of days now.

Anyways, I didn’t want to miss a chance to show it right here so sit tight and enjoy!!

Until next time!




July Favorites and Not So Much!

Hey everyone, Happy Friday!! I am so glad the week is over you have no idea, and what a better way to start the weekend by showing you my July Favorites!!

Also, I did an additional video for my unfavorites, I did have quite some this month, and I decided to start a new section called Beauty Boogers, these really are products that I have tried and have not worked for me at all, some of them let me tell you might not be bad they only did not work for me.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend; I know I will full of homework LOL.

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June Favorites

OK I am still on time to show you my June favorites; I must say that I did my YouTube Video not that late, but I haven’t had the time (ok I haven’t scheduled) to post this on time. But it is here!!


Also, believe it or not, BUT I’ve been doing more YouTube Vids so go and check them out most of them I don’t do posts here, and while in there you can subscribe as well.

Until Next Time!


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Exercise, Money and Am I a Student?

Hey everyone, so if you are a current assiduous follower of this blog of mine, you might have noticed that I have not been posting a lot. Well basically I’ve been running up and down here and there with a lot of “interesting” things, and today I wanted to share them with you.

Well, first of all you know I’ve been working out in my fitness/health side for some time now, and somehow the past months I got stuck in my weight and was not feeling good. I just knew I needed a change, so one day at 4:00 AM I decided to give a big turnaround to my routine. I started working out early in the morning!! Now this is a big challenge, because my working hours are from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, so I started getting up at 5:00 AM and going to the gym.

This has been a BIG challenge and I’ve been trying to get USED TO my new schedule, which I won’t deny is a bit harsh, BUT the feeling I get every day after I leave the gym ready to start a new day is PRICELESS. No wonder I heard that working out in the mornings is the best thing. On my weight I have not seen big changes, but my clothes are loose now and I feel great, which is the most important thing.

On the other side, well I think I am going back to school (wait, I am going back to school)…I still cannot believe it. Two years ago I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and I felt that was time to go for my Masters, it all happened very sudden and I’ve actually been given a great opportunity that I cannot reject. So yes, I will be a student again. Not a full time because with a master is very different and this one is great because classes are only on Saturday’s so this will not mess with my weekly goals.

So where does this leave my blog and my YouTube channel? Well I’ve been giving it some thought and I will definitely not be leaving it because I love it, this is my hobby my escape and something I truly love doing, and I know school and work are first (after all they pay my bills and the stuff I review for all of you guys! ?) but I have to be realistic and I know that I will not be posting every day as I used to. Hang in there posts will be juicier!!. Plus thanks to these new activities I have now tons of new Post Ideas for all of you, so it is a win win situation.

On my No spending month let’s say that I’ve been a little overboard with my expenses (just see my YouTube Hauls) but now that my birthday is coming well let’s say that It will be over for some time, maybe until winter comes. But I have managed to keep my savings in good condition still and keep moving forward!!

Wishing you all a happy Weekend!!

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April Beauty Favorites

It is that time of the month again, where I let you know about my favorite products, I do think that I have a good selection this month so check it out.

Products Mentioned:

The Wet Brush. Amazing for detangling, great for wigs and extensions.
Clinique skincare products. Liquid facial soap mild, Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and Turnaround Overnight
Revlon Nearly Naked Powder. Silky finish does not leave your skin cakey.
CVS Exfoliating Cleansing Towelettes. Best Wipes I’ve ever used.
Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara. Love the mini brush for my lower lashes.
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer. A found treasure.
Lorac Pro Palette. Amazing Matte and Shimmery Shadows.
Bath and Body Works Freshly Picked Apples Hand Sanitizer. Great Scent.

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DIY: Peter Pan Collar

So I was rumbling thru YouTube the other day and found out a Peter Pan Collar Necklace done by missglamorazzi on her channel. I really liked the idea and I had to recreate it, if you started following recently I already did a peter pan collar in the past), and although I really liked it, it kind of choked me a little (maybe because my pattern was not well cut, or I have a big neck LOL). Anyways, in the video she gives you the link where she got other pattern, this was done by Alison Faulkner from The Alison Show (click if you want it here, and this is what I did.

So what will you need for this DIY?

  • A piece of felt I bought mine in beige color to match the beads.
  • Any desired colored beads I got mine at Michaels.
  • Glue you can use craft glue but I didn’t buy any so I used a hot gun.
  • Scissors.
  • Lace.
  • A Space you can work on, in my case I have an old cardboard.
  • Pencil or Marker.

First you need to download the pattern and print it out, before cutting it out I modified it just a bit to make the curve of the collar more prominent (which missglamorazzi also did), this really made the difference in my case. Then I just folded the felt in half and with my pattern cut the collar.

Then I just started gluing the beads, I waited for my glue gun to be really hot to make sure the beads would not fall. I started gluing all the corners because I wanted to alternate colors, but you can go randomly if you want to.

When all the corners where finished I just added beads randomly making sure they glued to the felt.

Last, I just cut two pieces of lace and glued them to the back of my necklace.

And that was it

I can now enjoy a Peter Pan Collar Necklace. I like this because I can use it with a lot of different colored blouses and looks very good and classy, I even received several compliments for this. I just love it.

Until Next Time,