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It’s Party Time…Makeup Mists

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Holiday Parties are coming fast, I already had a couple and  became aware of the value of looking good for pictures. I am not normally the type of girl who photographs good; actually I am the type of person who looks like this:


But skipping the babbling, today I want to talk about Setting Sprays, because I have oily skin and I always have valued the power of setting my makeup in order for it to last longer. So I will be talking about two products (drugstore of course) one I already finished and the other one is still going strong.

The first one is the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray around $8.00 in the drugstore with 2.02 Oz. This is a very powerful little bottle I enjoyed using it over the summer, but I have to admit that even if I am oily for this season is kind of harsh for me. I do recommend it if you are extremely oily, it really works.

NYX Setting Spray

The next product is the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray I even got tired of writing this name, now this product is interesting because it’s around $16.00 in the drugstore with 3.4 Oz. Ok it comes with more product than the NYX one and honestly I like it even more, you know how L’Oreal owns Urban Decay (and they also have their setting spray, which I did not like at all because it makes my skin feel sticky) well this product is good, mist is very lightweight, it does set my makeup pretty good plus I do feel it extends if for a longer period of time, it does not have any scent that I have noticed which is a good thing for me and my makeup looks good in photos. I do recommend it, but the only bummer is the price, for a drugstore product I feel it could be a little less expensive, but if I compare it with trying to buy a high end brand this beats it completely. My opinion would be get it with a coupon (which is a great option drugstore gives us in the US).

Loreal Setting Spray

Do you have any other Setting Sprays you love?

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