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Ulta haul and all about eyebrows

Hey everyone, happy Friday, I am so happy that the weekend is so close to me, this week was completely busy for me at work, I felt it flew away. Anyways, today I wanted to talk about some products I got from my beloved Ulta the past weekend.

I had to rush because I was in the need of some eyebrow products, so please enjoy!

Have a great weekend,

Until Next Time



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Friends and Family Sales all Over!! (Sephora & Ulta Haul)

Hello World!! Happy Hump Day! Week has been flying pretty fast for me, and I wanted to do this post before more time passes by, right now as many of you already know Sephora is having its Friends and Family Sale, I wanted to film this showing you a couple of things you can take advantage of while the sale is on because it’s over on Friday!!

I also made a quick stop at Ulta, they were having 20% off, I am not sure if that one’s still going on but if it is make sure to take advantage of that as well. During these sales I really like to stock up on products that are a staple in for me and that I know in normal times I cannot get a discount. Enjoy!!

Until Next Time and Happy Shopping



I’m Back!! In YouTube

Hey everyone, so I just got back from some grocery shopping, who would say that it would be so exhausting, so I am here in my dinning room doing some editing and finish uploading my second video in YouTube since I got back!! So if you want to go and check them out be my guest.

These are my after Christmas Shopping Haul, which lets be honest I really enjoyed because stores had lots and lots of sales. Now that I think of I would really like to have Christmas presents after Christmas.

So sit tight, go and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy!!

Until Next Time,




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Happy Friday!

Hey everyone,  so  I am happy happy because it’s finally Friday, I’ve been running up and down all week and I am happy that I have a brief time to breath an relax.


In the meantime I have some great reviews comming on the next couple of weeks and a haul!! Who would say that it would be more fun to shop after Christmas…almost every store is having great sales so I’ll keep you posted on that.


Yesterday I went to Target because I needed to get some stuff and got carried away by an essie nail polish, it looked so pretty in the display, and then came home, applied it and finished with this.


I don’t know, I am still in the meh mood, because on the display picture, the nails looked like a full coverage polish. But then I read in the bottle and it said  top coat…wth I felt miss leaded however I will try to work with it..but no I wouldn’t recommend it to you my friends.

So that’s it for me, I hope you guys enjoy your weekend, be safe, have fun and will see you next time.


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Quito Haul Pt. 2

Hey everyone, so today is Haul Day!! basically I am still in Quito which has been great so far. I would only have to mention that I am recovering from a horrible cold and a stomachache, but other than that I keep being optimistic.

Weather is unique let me tell you, you can definitely have 4 seasons in one day, but still nothing that a coat, scarf and umbrella can’t resolve. But let’s go to our main reason for this post the haul. So this weekend we got the chance to go shopping…and boy did I shop. So I wanted to share with all of you, hope you enjoy!!

Until Next Time,



Jordana New Products and a +

Hey everyone, so today I have this small haul, basically I will be honest I bought these before my trip and were in my luggage because I honestly haven’t had any time of doing my Haul or even opening them. Anyways today was the day.

So these are from Jordana and a Plus because I got a Maybelline Baby Lips which I thought was just so cool because of the color (when I used it well meh I preferred the cherry me I already own!) however if you need an orange one that will do it.

But for the fun part, well Jordana has released quite a big range of new products; most of them fall into the tendency of products most drugstore products are now, but at a pretty inexpensive side; which is amazing if you love playing with makeup.

Now, YES I do have some swatches for you a little dark:

Baby Lips in Oh Orange! (meh, cherry me is way better in my opinion)

Jordana Twist and Shine in Nude Chic (Amazing for work and office just love it sweet scent)

Jordana Twist and Shine in Candied Coral (Very bright and nice pink)

Jordana 12 HR Made to last Eyeshadow Pencil (High Hopes for this one) Looks like a matte nude base

Jordana 12 HR Made to last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Black Point (High Pigmentation hope it lasts)

Jordana 12 HR Made to last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Expresso Last (Also High Pigmentation)

Jordana Fabubrow Eyebrow pencil (Not sure if this is new but I needed something for my brows)

So hopefully I have time, I will be playing with these and letting you know what I think of them but so far let me tell you they did not disappoint me in base of pigmentation and scent.

Have you tried these?

Until Next Time,