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The New Year Sort Out

There is nothing that says happy new year better than getting rid of what you don’t want! So without surprise my new year started cleaning and de-cluttering my space, there is nothing like the great feeling of having things organized and sorted out. I believe this month will be an interesting one, because I am working in several aspects of my life that I’ve been meaning to, but hadn’t grabbed the bull by the horns in the past.

Starting with the makeup. I decided to create several projects for this, that will have to be developed during the year because mainly my makeup is a stinky mess, and it is one of the mainly points I want to work on. Of course I love makeup and of course I have a lot because I love testing and reviewing new products, but there gets to a point where you say “dang girl go slow on the mascara” so for the following weeks I will be doing inventories due to the fact that I need numbers in order to see what I want to accomplish in the  year end. Don’t worry I will have updates in this soon, my inner geek stride the other day and found a way to mix organizing with makeup.

Clean and Keep. My new motto for this year, I would normally clean and organize stuff on a weekly basis, but my main problem is maintaining stuff in their place (That’s why I always lose time over the weekends putting things away). Have you ever heard the phrase “everything has its own place”, it would seem like in my case I tend to forget that. So for this year I promised myself I would store everything in its place when I finished using it. I think I am starting good and will be a good habit to keep.

Until Next Time,



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Organizing my makeup

Having my makeup stash organized has been an arduous task lately, especially when I am running late (which is 90% of the time), I was thinking on purchasing a couple of clear containers to organize my makeup, but gosh they are freaking expensive. Until the other day that I was at Wal-Mart trying to find a lock for my gym locker.


I was amazed to find this and it was less than $7.00 dollars, they do have several different shapes and prices, but in comparison they are inexpensive,  I think they are great for storing makeup while looking great.  I love how my makeup looks and I cam see everything!! So if you are looking for some great containers go to Wal-Mart,  they are in their DIY Home Improvement section.

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Why Having Categories in your Blog Matters?

Has this happened to you?

You are at WordPress reading what’s in the blogosphere and discover an exciting new blog, you read a post that caught you and you want to see if the blogger has other similar posts. This happens to me more than 2 times a week and while I can find categories in some, others just don’t have it.

Having a categories section is a strong tool in your blog, because odds are people will find your blog due to the one of your most read posts. But, if they liked that post they might come for more, and if they can find them easily this will give you kudos.

Amazingly adding categories in WordPress it’s very easy, and there is even a widget you can add in your blog page for your viewers to find what you write about. If you are starting your blog and don’t have too many posts I would strongly encourage you to go now and start your Categories section.

“Using widgets for your WordPress blog is a savvy move”

In my case I did have some categories since the beginning, but as my blog started growing and the topics I write about started diversifying I needed a more structured plan.

Something these past 2 years of blogging has taught me is that if you want to have an organized blog where your viewers can find all you write about you need to put some brains in planning your categories.

For instance, you can see that I do have some main niches in my blog, but from those “main niches” come smaller branches that are more specific to the topics I write. Maybe Jane* subscribed because she loves reading my makeup reviews, so whenever she wants to go and check more she can just go to my categories and check out all the reviews I have done, or maybe Joe* likes my Personal Development posts, well he can just go and click my Personal Development category and he will have a lot of reading to do.

It takes some work but it’s worth it

When I first started thinking about giving good order to my categories was basically last week, after 250 posts, so in this case it did took me longer to achieve the results I wanted, but as I said before if you are just starting invest some time in doing it because you never know when this might be handy.

Do you use categories in your blog?


*Jane & Joe were just names I used for the example. But if they exist hi! And thanks for stopping by.


Project Downsize | Blushes

Hey everyone, the wait is over, drawer number 2 of my makeup downsize is finished. It took me a long time (almost a month) to do this, but is finally here.

Remember the pictures of that second drawer full of blushes and cream Eyeshadows? Well, you can see how I de-cluttered it and made it functional.

If this is the first time you stop by and have no idea what am I talking about go here!!

This is how it started:

Project Downsize…Expired Really?

Project Downsize | Foundation, Concealer & Primers

And as always wishing you all the best,

Until Next Time,


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Summer’s Over: Back 2 School Tips

Hey everyone, so it’s that time of the year when we exchange the swimming suits and the flip flops for more formal attires and books. It is also the time when we should start getting prepared for a new semester at school. If you are a freak of organization like me, you might be starting or already have a check list of all your needs, and are ready to go shopping.

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How to De clutter & Organize your T-Shirts

Have you ever been in the situation where you can’t find your favorite T-shirt and it’s getting kind of late for you to go somewhere? I know I have been into that situation. So the other day I was contemplating the drawer were I keep my shirts and started working in the back of my mind in how to solve that problem.

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Flow with the Goal

So the other day my hubby and I were having problems related to our goals, and we came into a disagreement, so I decided to do a tool that could help us find our way back when we are lost in our goal, and this is what we came up with:

I did the draft of the flow which we decided to call “Flow with the Goal” and he did all the improvements to make it look presentable for all of you. I Hope this helps you the same way it has helped us.