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The New Year Sort Out

There is nothing that says happy new year better than getting rid of what you don’t want! So without surprise my new year started cleaning and de-cluttering my space, there is nothing like the great feeling of having things organized and sorted out. I believe this month will be an interesting one, because I am working in several aspects of my life that I’ve been meaning to, but hadn’t grabbed the bull by the horns in the past.

Starting with the makeup. I decided to create several projects for this, that will have to be developed during the year because mainly my makeup is a stinky mess, and it is one of the mainly points I want to work on. Of course I love makeup and of course I have a lot because I love testing and reviewing new products, but there gets to a point where you say “dang girl go slow on the mascara” so for the following weeks I will be doing inventories due to the fact that I need numbers in order to see what I want to accomplish in the  year end. Don’t worry I will have updates in this soon, my inner geek stride the other day and found a way to mix organizing with makeup.

Clean and Keep. My new motto for this year, I would normally clean and organize stuff on a weekly basis, but my main problem is maintaining stuff in their place (That’s why I always lose time over the weekends putting things away). Have you ever heard the phrase “everything has its own place”, it would seem like in my case I tend to forget that. So for this year I promised myself I would store everything in its place when I finished using it. I think I am starting good and will be a good habit to keep.

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What New Year Means to Me…

Hey everyone, first of all happy new year to all of you, I hope that you had a great time the last day of 2012 and that you are having a wonderful time right now. Today as the first day of the year I am here sitting with my laptop and pajamas because well I didn’t have to work today and I am enjoying the last drops of my winter vacations.

I was also reflecting about what I did accomplish this 2012 and what I am aiming for this 2013. Truthfully I was analyzing what my goals were and here are my results.

The first thing was to lose weight, yep as the millions of people who propose themselves to lose weight for an entire year I sailed in that boat, so what happened? Something amazing, I have not reached my goal yet, but I am in progress. And I do think that I made the biggest progress I could ever imagine. Let me explain you a bit, my first plan was to diet (‘cuz truthfully I hated doing exercise) but that did not work so I had to start working out. You could not believe but at first it was hard for me (this comes from the girl who hated gym class at high school). Somehow as months passed by this started changing so instead of resisting it I joined the boat of the gym people. So I started going to spin classes, I love spinning so much, and it really helped me. Not only with my weight but my entire me, I mean I felt more energized and in some point I discovered INNER PEACE. I could sleep better and was in a better mood. And the most important thing is that I am that compromised that I just joined a gym for an entire year. So 2013 will be full of work outs for me. I think this is great because literally I would go now and spend more than an hour working out instead of being home sitting in the couch eating junky food and watching TV.

Another Goal that I had was writing more, well I think I did score that one, I mean I dedicated much more time to writing and found that I do really love it, I enjoy the times that I spend writing and creating stuff. I don’t think that I need any proof but for posting around 200 posts for 2012 was a big accomplishment in my life, even in the times were I felt that I was too tired to write I would do it makes me feel proud of myself. I am also thankful of all my followers and great friends, I mean today I woke up and saw that I have 131 followers how great is that? I could not wish for anything else.

I know I didn’t reach my goal of getting freshly pressed, but I did receive several awards during the process which made me feel really happy and motivated to keep writing. I also think that to be freshly pressed you have to write something that inspires you a lot and has feeling in it. Most of the freshly pressed posts I have read come from people who had great common sense, were funny and the most important thing is that their thoughts come from the heart.

Next, I also decided I would take a course of something. And so I did, I took a makeup class, my first one, let me tell you this was a great experience and helped me a lot to define my blog, I discovered that I love makeup and beauty, I don’t know but I do think that is something extraordinary and you can create a lot of things, making up my mind in learning something new also helped me to see that I can learn anything that I want and that the sky is the limit.

Something else that I didn’t even planned but started doing was YouTube videos, I don’t know why but this thought came to me, do you want to die knowing that you didn’t do something you wanted only because of what everyone else would think? That was my big push over doing this, I mean I love talking about beauty, if not ask people around me, I remember spending some time talking with a complete stranger in the dollar store about nail polish. So I decided to compliment that love and knowledge and use it for my videos, I love doing videos and I think that they have helped me with my confidence as well, there are very nice people out there, but there are also people who are a little mean, but those comments are the ones that help you grow and keep moving forward. And my little channel is growing step by step so I am very proud of that.

All in all I do think that this year was great I mean I learned a lot of stuff and somehow I feel really proud about myself and much energized to keep going. Strangely I think that this is the first year I start with the right step, not depressed and very happy of what I am doing.


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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work?

Yesterday and today I’ve been hearing about all the resolutions people have for this coming year, losing weight, travel more, get to work in time, and many others. But, I also heard from a study made that only 1 between 4 of these people will accomplish his/her resolutions.

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A Dish from Generations: Tuna Cake

A day before our New Year’s Eve celebration we were thinking about what dishes we would be preparing for our dinner. We still had a lot of leftovers from the Christmas dinner so I really did not want to cook anything fancy. Also, we just moved and we do not have a stove yet (yep that is true!).

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