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Project Downsize | Shadows, Mascara & Lippies

Keeping up with my drawers downsize well today we have A LOT to cover, so I would suggest you to go and prepare a cup of your favorite tea/coffee, ‘cuz this is quite a bonanza.

Eyeshadows. I actually thought that this would be a hard drawer to deal with, but in the end it really wasn’t NOTE TO SELF THOUGH: Don’t buy anymore Eyeshadows PLEASE!

Liners & Mascara. Easy Peasy! and I am set with Mascara until 2016

Lippies of all Kind.Oh Boy was this drawer hard to Clean! This made me realize that I am Lipstick obsessed.

So now I am halfway through, but need to hurry in cleaning those drawers, however I had notice that I have found products that I didn’t remember where there and now I am using them which is great, because isn’t that the purpose when you buy some makeup? You don’t want it as display you want to use it.

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Project Downsize | Blushes

Hey everyone, the wait is over, drawer number 2 of my makeup downsize is finished. It took me a long time (almost a month) to do this, but is finally here.

Remember the pictures of that second drawer full of blushes and cream Eyeshadows? Well, you can see how I de-cluttered it and made it functional.

If this is the first time you stop by and have no idea what am I talking about go here!!

This is how it started:

Project Downsize…Expired Really?

Project Downsize | Foundation, Concealer & Primers

And as always wishing you all the best,

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My Favorite ELF Products

ELF, another brand that is inexpensive and has great and amazing products. Here I am today showing you some of the products that I consider are THE BEST (at least for me). If you have any other products that I didn’t mention, but you love please let us all know in the comments.

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The NAKED Truth

Hey everyone, so if you checked out my previous post you might already now that I got my desired for so long (almost bucket list product) Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay this Christmas. I wished this palette for so long that I cannot even remember…Ok I do, I wanted it since it was launched last year.

Now, we are still getting used to each other, I mean we did our proper introductions and at first I was like WOW all these colors, then I was like mmm how do you do? And how can I start playing with you. So the day came and I started using it, playing with it, hiding my Naked 1 because I didn’t wanted to think I was cheating (I mean we created a big bond all this year).

And I don’t know, something happened, something that I am not sure if it’s too soon for me to say, but still I need to get it out of my chest. I think I liked my Naked 1 better… I don’t know why I mean if we talk package I do like Naked 2 better, it is more sturdy and seems more durable, next the brush that it comes with seems more helpful than the other one, I mean double ended is better than one.

Then it comes to the mirror part, I mean Naked 2 has a bigger mirror which seems more helpful than Naked 1 but then Naked 2 is heavier to carry.

Now for colors I do like them both, but I was leaning more towards Naked 2 because I do love all the colors that come with especially YDK which is my favorite shade from Urban Decay.

So if all this math worked in my mind, I don’t know why when I used Naked 2 I seem blotchy, and my makeup seems washed, I don’t know…I mean I do think that I have learned something in how to apply shadows from all these years of practice. As I say maybe it is too soon and I really need to work with it a bit more…but yet, not a good first impression…

So now I am at this point in our relationship where I don’t know how to react, I mean I have it there sitting in my vanity, so I will have to give it a second, third, and fourth chance until I make it work, and we can become friends (then I can introduce her to Naked 1).

I would really like to know, so I have created a poll, if you have tried/seemed both which one do you like more?

So yep I would really appreciate your thoughts, now if you excuse me I have to go and get out my Naked 1 under the couch.


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Shut up and Take my Money!

So the other day I was browsing as I normally do (YouTube, Beauty Blogs, Sephora, etc.) and I discovered this simply amazing thing that will be in my wish list. Only one thing came to my mind:

Behold this amazing palette:

So this amazingness of thing includes 16 eyeshadows (.17 oz each) and costs $42.00 USD it has 8 matte shades and 8 shimmery. It caught my eye for the simple fact that is the first time I see a palette that contains that amount of matte shadows. Colors are like Jim Carey would say this is B.E.A.UTIFUL. Very pigmented and nice to blend (as I saw in some YouTube tutorials).

So yep maybe this will be my next reward when I get to level 10 at my SlimKicker account.

Does anyone has tried this beauty and could tell me if this is worth it?


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Eye of the Day: All About Purple

Hey everyone, so today this was my look. I stayed back from my regular neutral look and went for purple colors. I was going to the work so I did not want this to look very overwhelming but yet I did want a pop of color.

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I Won!!

Hi everyone, so today I am pretty excited as the weekend approaches and I am making fun plans for this weekend (which include me recording and blogging..what a nerd). Anyways, I wanted to share something that made me really happy last weekend as it was my last makeup class.

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