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Organizing my makeup

Having my makeup stash organized has been an arduous task lately, especially when I am running late (which is 90% of the time), I was thinking on purchasing a couple of clear containers to organize my makeup, but gosh they are freaking expensive. Until the other day that I was at Wal-Mart trying to find a lock for my gym locker.


I was amazed to find this and it was less than $7.00 dollars, they do have several different shapes and prices, but in comparison they are inexpensive,  I think they are great for storing makeup while looking great.  I love how my makeup looks and I cam see everything!! So if you are looking for some great containers go to Wal-Mart,  they are in their DIY Home Improvement section.


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Don’t let Spring Cleaning Overwhelm you: Start Slow!

With spring entering in our lives right now there might be a lot of things you have to do, especially if you are a person who stores wardrove for different seassons or if you have a home that needs to get ready for warmer days. Here I will be giving you some tips you can use to start with your cleaning without going nuts and ending up throwing everything in boxes without knowing what did you storage and what did you threw away.

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Late for work again? Here’s how to organize your time

The alarm sounds loudly over your room, you wake up ignoring where you are, what time is it, and what day it is (wishing is Sunday). Then you see the clock and it’s late. The worst that could happen in this situation is that you have a meeting/class scheduled in 30 minutes and you have no idea where your left shoe is. Have this ever happened to you? I know I have been through a couple of those.
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Learning Something New: My Makeup Case

Have you ever been on the search of a makeup case and noticed that some are quite expensive? Have you looked all over internet, in stores, and haven’t found anything that would look stylish? Have you been looking for a non-expensive case that fits most of your makeup and it’s durable? I know I have. I’ve been doing that all the past week. And here’s my solution.

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How to Study for a Test

I think I nailed it. After more than fifteen years in school and studying for tests I can say that I became a master in studying for different subjects. I am a girl who thru failures and great grades has learned to survive in terms of what school means, I went thru 3 different degrees, until I found what I like and went through different types of tests. Today I will be giving you the tips that helped me through my student years.

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How to organize your makeup

Is organization part of your life? Is organization NOT part of your life? Either way, if you are a girl and have makeup I think you would find this post interesting. As I have noticed, organization for me is a great part to relieve my stress. I Love organizing things and keeping them in certain order.

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I have a challenge for myself. All this year I have intended to be a better girl and write more, although I have improved I know that I have a long journey to go. So the other day I was thinking of what was I going to do in this week off from work…the result? Blogmas all week… But, what does this mean? Keep Reading ->