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Project Pan 2014 | Update

Hey everybody, today we have an update in my project pan, it is hard to keep on this, but I am happy and excited because I am using my stash, and I keep moving forward!! Enjoy!!

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Oily Skin |Skincare, Foundations, and all that stuff

Hey everyone, I am so excited about what we will be talking today, this is the compilation of years and years of experimenting with a bunch of products designed for Oily Skin, Products that they promise you that your face will be perfect, matte, and shine free.

Let me tell you something, during this journey I have discovered that sometimes you do not have to spend too much for accomplishing good results, of course there are very nice high end products, but there are also products that don’t deserve a dime. Anyways!! I hope you enjoy!

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Hot Hot Hot!

Good day to all of you out there!! I cannot believe how summer has been stalking us here in Houston, and the Humidity oh my lord, that is something I’ve never experienced before. People from here tell me is not even real summer yet, so I don’t know what will happen. One thing for sure is that these past few days I’ve decided to give a rest to my flat and curling irons only because with the humidity my hair does not stay put.

So what I’ve been doing? Well, playing with all the hair products I can to get an easy hairstyle without fighting my wavy hair nature. I got to the point of saying I am letting this battle go and focus on more important stuff like organizing the new apartment (‘cuz this little hoarder hasn’t finished unpacking!). Also, for my makeup I’ve been keeping it very minimal, double wear foundation from Estee Lauder paired with my biggest discovery so far, the NYX matte setting spray, gotta love that stuff because it keeps my face from melting big time and my blush stays on the entire day. A little bit of eyeshadow from my NAKED Basics palette and my beloved ELF eyeliner. A little bit of lip gloss or lip balm and I am good to go.

I love this easy summer routine, today it took me less than 30 minutes to get ready, that has to be a record for me!! And the question of the day is: Do you have any special humidity tips for me? Also I heard hurricane season started, do you know any special things I should do to prepare for that?

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May Beauty Favorites

Hello everyone, without further ado, I present you my May Favorites!!

Yes I know!! It’s June already I am so happy!!

Products Mentioned:

Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in Shocking Coral

Sephora Super Nourishing Lip Balm

EOS Lipbalm

NAKED Basics Palette

BareMinerals Original and Mineral Veil Powders

Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster

Fedora from Forever21

Vitafusion Multi-Vites Gummy Vitamins

Which were your favorites this month? I would really like to know!!

Until Next Time,


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January Beauty Favorites

Hello everyone happy Monday, so today I have my January Beauty Favorites, products I’ve been enjoying and using a lot. I think that January was the month where I started taking better care of my skin and my hair, I mean I did use to take care of them in the past, but I was not constant which is something I’ve been working more.


Products Mentioned:

  • Nivea Soft Nourishing Moisturizer
  • Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment
  • Josie Maran Argan Oil
  • Olay ProX Cleansing Brush
  • Sephora Age Defying Moisturizer
  • Benefit Creaseless Cream in Skinny Jeans
  • NAKED Basics Palette
  • Real Techniques Shadow Brush
  • Coastal Scents 250 Blending Brush
  • Coastal Scents Pencil Brush
  • bareMinerals Cupcake Lipgloss

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Naked 1 and 2 had a baby

Yep you heard that well, for Christmas my mom and one of my sisters got together and ordered something for me at Sephora, the shipment did not arrive on time for Christmas, but a couple of days later they had a Sephora box for me…I was really excited about this one, but I did not want to write this post until I used it in order to give you my opinion. So as the title says Naked 1 and Naked 2 decided to have a baby named Naked Basics.

I am starting to think that Urban Decay is really getting used to get out their palettes for the Christmassy season for some purpose…but whatever that purpose is, it works, because I got it as a present. And they are determined to release all Naked things as possible (‘cause I just discovered they released a blush-highlight-bronzer and nail polishes). Don’t get me wrong I love Urban Decay products and I really love my Naked 1 and am in the process of loving Naked 2 (shh don’t tell her)…

So my first impressions were, seeing this sleek and compact box which is almost half the size of the Naked 1 and 2 palettes.

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The NAKED Truth

Hey everyone, so if you checked out my previous post you might already now that I got my desired for so long (almost bucket list product) Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay this Christmas. I wished this palette for so long that I cannot even remember…Ok I do, I wanted it since it was launched last year.

Now, we are still getting used to each other, I mean we did our proper introductions and at first I was like WOW all these colors, then I was like mmm how do you do? And how can I start playing with you. So the day came and I started using it, playing with it, hiding my Naked 1 because I didn’t wanted to think I was cheating (I mean we created a big bond all this year).

And I don’t know, something happened, something that I am not sure if it’s too soon for me to say, but still I need to get it out of my chest. I think I liked my Naked 1 better… I don’t know why I mean if we talk package I do like Naked 2 better, it is more sturdy and seems more durable, next the brush that it comes with seems more helpful than the other one, I mean double ended is better than one.

Then it comes to the mirror part, I mean Naked 2 has a bigger mirror which seems more helpful than Naked 1 but then Naked 2 is heavier to carry.

Now for colors I do like them both, but I was leaning more towards Naked 2 because I do love all the colors that come with especially YDK which is my favorite shade from Urban Decay.

So if all this math worked in my mind, I don’t know why when I used Naked 2 I seem blotchy, and my makeup seems washed, I don’t know…I mean I do think that I have learned something in how to apply shadows from all these years of practice. As I say maybe it is too soon and I really need to work with it a bit more…but yet, not a good first impression…

So now I am at this point in our relationship where I don’t know how to react, I mean I have it there sitting in my vanity, so I will have to give it a second, third, and fourth chance until I make it work, and we can become friends (then I can introduce her to Naked 1).

I would really like to know, so I have created a poll, if you have tried/seemed both which one do you like more?

So yep I would really appreciate your thoughts, now if you excuse me I have to go and get out my Naked 1 under the couch.