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Hot Hot Hot!


Good day to all of you out there!! I cannot believe how summer has been stalking us here in Houston, and the Humidity oh my lord, that is something I’ve never experienced before. People from here tell me is not even real summer yet, so I don’t know what will happen. One thing for sure is that these past few days I’ve decided to give a rest to my flat and curling irons only because with the humidity my hair does not stay put.

So what I’ve been doing? Well, playing with all the hair products I can to get an easy hairstyle without fighting my wavy hair nature. I got to the point of saying I am letting this battle go and focus on more important stuff like organizing the new apartment (‘cuz this little hoarder hasn’t finished unpacking!). Also, for my makeup I’ve been keeping it very minimal, double wear foundation from Estee Lauder paired with my biggest discovery so far, the NYX matte setting spray, gotta love that stuff because it keeps my face from melting big time and my blush stays on the entire day. A little bit of eyeshadow from my NAKED Basics palette and my beloved ELF eyeliner. A little bit of lip gloss or lip balm and I am good to go.

I love this easy summer routine, today it took me less than 30 minutes to get ready, that has to be a record for me!! And the question of the day is: Do you have any special humidity tips for me? Also I heard hurricane season started, do you know any special things I should do to prepare for that?

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2 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot!

  1. I am so loving this summer heat and when it becomes to much to bear, I take a look at my winter pictures! Stay cool!

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