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It’s finally Friday and I want to go to the Beach!


First of all, happy Friday everyone, I think I was not that excited about a weekend like this one. Last weekend was me resting, and while I needed it doesn’t compare to what I was planning, however it helped me recover.

Lately, I really been liking taking short trips with my hubs, because it has made me realize that you have to enjoy life, and meeting new places help you relax and take your mind away from other stuff that sometimes can get hectic. Now, honestly I was not like this, in the past I would see traveling as a waste of time, but now I do feel is an important part of keeping a balanced mind and it has helped me see life with different eyes. Also, it has helped me being more calmed while I am under stressful situations and solved them more efficiently.

Today I am so happy because tomorrow we are going to the beach iiiikkk!!!, I guess I haven’t gone since I was in high school (long time ago!). So the hubs and I are planning a little field trip to Galveston.

Now, I heard some people complain about Galveston (that is not pretty enough, whatever!) but other people have gone and really liked it, so I really need to go and see it for myself. Still I am excited because I feel so good today that nothing will stop me (hopefully!).

So what are your plans for this weekend? I really would like to know!

Until Next Time,


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Friday| Take a Deep Breath

Hey everyone, happy Friday, I know probably many of you are just starting their weekend (so jealous!) so be happy and be safe. Today I just wanted to take some time and update, because I’ve been missing a bit, so I said Tomiko take a deep breath and carry on, I will not deny that I am a bit (ok A LOT) tired, but still I feel pretty good.

I did complete my entire week of going to the gym at 6:00 AM (12 days now) which makes me feel pretty energetic throughout the day. Also, I have a new position at work, so this has had me studying a lot; there are so many new things and I’ve been running up and down, it’s been a bit of hectic, but at the end of every day I just sit and say to myself:

But returning to the weekend part, this one will be my last one before starting school again (decision I took by choice!) and I wanted to show you my outfit. Nothing says more relaxed than a pair of shorts, some sneakers and a t-shirt.

And while I’ll be sporting this outfit I will be working on future posts and some video ideas I’ve been having (so stay tuned for those). Also expect my May Favorites soon!!

PS: Something I also noticed today (due to our month end closing at work…duh!) is that June is coming!! I am pretty excited because My B-day is in June so I always love my birthday month is like a huge celebration for me even though I never have a BIG party I just love it.

Until Next Time



Monday and what to Expect for the Week

Today I woke up having the feeling that I should have stayed in bed, I had a very hectic and productive weekend I must say, we moved almost all the furniture at home in order to make some renovations and that ended in me feeling like my arms are falling (really not joking!). Besides of that I think I had some food poisoning because last night I woke up at 2 am feeling awful; my hub was the kindest and got up as well for moral support even though he had to get up early.

Anyways my alarm started beeping at 6:00 am and it took me additional 30 minutes to get up (which is not common in me unless I feel sick), but hey I managed to arrive at work on time, during the day I kept feeling Ok. The only thing is that I have this awful headache now. Oh bummer…

Also, I have to make a confession, this weekend I was not able to work on my downsize project, I was supposed to give you drawer 2 this week but I think I am not going to be able to work on that until the weekend so be patient.

But I know this week will get better and to make it up for the lack of downsize I will have my February Favorites (which are fun fun!), so stay tuned for that! And in the meantime I will leave you with a Picture of Cute Owls; yes I am into Cute Owls now

Until Next Time,


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My Weekend in Pictures

Good food and great times…that was my past weekend. I must say I am proud of myself because I had the 2 days off this weekend and I think I enjoyed them while being productive. My Saturday started with me getting my buttocks up straight to the gym (662 calories burned yeah baby!). The hubs has been taking a class on Saturday mornings so I have those extra hours.

That same day we ended up having dinner at my parents’ home and I know is not much but I am proud to say that I ate a 1 bun burger, with not so much fries.

Next morning, I took my hub for a late Valentine’s Day breakfast at Village Inn, sorry and here I totally forgot about calorie counting and all that stuff, but I went to the gym afterwards which made me proud I mean gym on a Sunday.

Either way I am very impressed with myself, you can see that I am wearing a denim shirt in the picture which besides being my FAVORITE STAPLE PIECE for this spring, amazingly is a size Medium (YEAHHH) I am no longer Large. This gives me a big push to keep moving forward with my workout routine.

Until Next Time,

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Playing With The Hairdryer + What’s Behind The Rainbow?…Another Rainbow

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday, so this past weekend was me hibernating at home, I did not do any outdoorsy activities. So what do you do while at home? Play while you dry your hair and take pics…

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Fun Fun Weekend

So I’ve been kind of running up and down, here and there lately; we have been visiting my parents a lot as well over the weekends; so when we do it this means eating great food, family time, and retail therapy.

So yep that’s what happened again this weekend, I had a three day off from work, on Friday we did a little bit of shopping (expect another haul soon), but we also went to a store I loved. I’ve never been there, but my sister said it was the coolest store, so I couldn’t say no. The store is called World’s Market (I don’t know if there are branches of this one) but they sell a lot of stuff (A LOT), mainly furniture and home decorating, but they also have food and snacks from all over the world, kitchen tools, wine, and their tea selection was humongous. They also had jewelry and scarves (oh my weak spot!)

I was amazed when we were there. I did not get anything (maybe next time ^_^), but I took these amazing pictures:

On Saturday we watched scary movies and I had to prepare the famous Pigs in a Blanket; for being the first time I did these, they were so nummy nummy.

So yep on Sunday we were back at home, well rested and relaxed to start another work-week (which means I didn’t do anything else but start decorating our house with Christmas Lights). I know I have to start working on getting my winter clothes out of their boxes, (which was a task I’ve been holding for 2 weeks now), but hey I will have to subsist another week with cardigans and scarves jejej…

P.S. I know is just November, but let me tell you that we did have a hard time installing those lights (we are perfectionists and we wanted them to look good and don’t fly away with the weather), that is why I am starting early, at least they will last some time jeje..
Until Next Time,

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Field Trip!

So, after being in a well-deserved hiatus, I think I need vacations from it. So there I was today at work, with a case of a Monday, jeje, but excited to be able to post and talk a bit of everything this evening. First of all, I did have a long week-end, which came with very exciting stuff (Shopping, Field Trip, Food and Family Time).

We went to visit my parents for the weekend, on Friday we did some shopping, ‘cuz the hubs needed to get some wardrobe update for fall-winter, I only did some minimal shopping mostly needs (but stay tuned for a haul soon). And that was it.

Saturday was real fun, we went to the last weekend of the Mesilla Valley Maze, I saw this event announced in someone’s blog and I’ve never been to a corn maze, so I wanted to go so bad. We did have to drive an hour and a half to get there (and got lost…gps in our wish list nao) but it was worth it.

Yep, we went to New Mexico for our Field Trip

Loved their Logo it’s so country!!

This cool picture of a Mill, seriously this would be my new desktop background!

They had the traditional corn maze, but we also took a tour to their pumpkin field, which was great because as it was their last weekend, you could take all the pumpkins you could carry for only $20.00 bucks.

Never understood maze instructions, until now!

There were real odd and funky pumpkins over the fields

They have loads of activities for kids, a cool band was playing and for food they had roasted corn, nachos, corndogs, tamales, and I had to get me a cotton candy (this was a must).

OMG it seems I was enjoying that rush of sugar too much jaja

When we got back we had to hit The Dollar Tree, because that’s what you do when you spent most of your money and only have a couple of bucks left jeje…I also ended up going to 3 different Wal-Mart’s (believe it or not).

Yesterday afternoon we were finally back at home because my dad insisted we stayed on Saturday (and we could not resist jeje). My feet were killing me and felt tired as hell, so I had to go to bed at 8:30 pm. All in all it was an awesome weekend, and now I am ready for new posts, reviews and videos, so stay tuned.

Until Next Time,