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The Lipstick that Looks Expensive But is Not

“That lipstick looks gorgeous” a girl who works in Sephora told me while I was checking out some purchases, I was like “Thank You it’s CoverGirl” she could not believe it; now I don’t normally receive these type of compliments,  but when I do I have to write about it.

And I wanted to talk about this lipstick because it really is a very faltering color and is not a high end brand, two of my favorite things. So I came up with this lipstick watching a YouTube video (not a surprise) and I found the color beautiful.


Divine Wine is a color that when you might see it you may think “this color will not be good for me”, basically because it looks purple, but when you apply it it truly transforms into this amazing vibrant color, in my lips is a little bit berry. Also, it lasts a long time and leaves a tint on your lips when it fades. I truly recommend this if you are looking for a pop of color this season.

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The Best Mascara if you want Curly Lashes!!

I’m back!! I know bad blogger bad blogger, but in my defense life has been a bit cray cray these past weeks I mean I cannot believe we are almost under Thanksgiving Week!! Where did time fly? Anyways, I am here today with my best mascara review, I never thought I would love a mascara that much as I love this one, so I hope you enjoy my review 🙂

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TOP 5 High End Products

Hey everybody, today we talk about my top 5 picks from the High End world, I am very excited about this one because it was a collaboration with Jenn from TheJennyJenz at YouTube. I love how can you connect with people these days, we met on Instagram and as we both love makeup we decided to do this video, she will be talking about her Top 5 picks from the drugstore and I was in charge of High End.

For this video, I wanted to talk about staples, products I use everyday and some of them have been repurchases because they really made a big impact in my life lol. Enjoy!!

I am also linking Jenn’s video with her Top 5 Drugstore picks:

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Dry Shampoo’s

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who recently moved to the states from other country. We were talking about hair stuff (because you all know I love hair products and experimenting with my hairstyles). Anyways, at some point she was telling me that she saw a video in YouTube because she wanted to learn how to curl her hair, and she asked me about dry shampoo because she saw the girl using it at some point.

And you know how passionate I am about Dry Shampoo, my motto is, If you are trying to grow your hair do not wash it every single day, the majority of the stylists if not all will tell you the same.

Thankfully we now have dry shampoo, which will help you those days, because nobody wants to be walking with oily greasy hair. Also, you can use dry shampoo if you need to give volume to your hair (which I am guessing the girl in the video did) not necessarily only if you have dirty hair.

Now, I have tried a big variety of dry shampoo’s over the years you name it I used it, and as my hair is dark it is harder to find a good product that doesn’t leave your scalp white. I use it because YES I do not wash my hair every day because I am trying to let it grow and I have a lot, so washing it is a nightmare.

Today I will talk a bit about my recent faves:


1. Batiste. This is my number 1 product I love it because it is designed for brunettes and it really works at making my hair look clean, I just only wished scent was better, but still I love the results it gives. You can find this at Ulta but is a bit pricey around $8.00 USD for a bottle, but I buy mine at Marshalls and it is less expensive :).

2. Dove. In love with the scent but it does leave a white cast so you need to comb your hair very good after you apply it, this buddy is inexpensive, you can find it at walmart for around $3.00 USD. I heard some people saying that this doesn’t last a lot, but I had mine for the longest time (not sure if they got a lemon).

3. Suave Conditioner. This is the first product I saw that came with dry shampoo and dry conditioner, I finished the shampoo (which did not amaze me…sorry), but this conditioner I like, I don’t know if it really works or just in my mind but I like applying it sometimes after the dry shampoo, not totally necessary but I want to finish it up.

4. Oscar Blandi. I bought this for my wedding day, I love it because this is the first CLEAR shampoo I use, it is very easy to apply for the same reason and it has a nice scent to it, not overwhelming at all.

5. Detox by Dry Bar. I got this as a YouTube made me do it kind of thing, people rave a lot about this brand, it does work but it is white I think this would work great if you are a blond, but I really cannot justify the price, this little bottle cost me around $12.00 USD.

So I hope this help you all, have you used any of these shampoo’s?

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June Faves and Loves

Hey everyone, so I filmed these favorites a lot!! Basically since I moved I’ve been trying to find my filming spot which has been a bit of a nightmare lol, I don’t know but it was way easier to film in my last apartment, anyways here they are, I know it’s almost July but believe me I’ve been using all these products strong solid and I keep loving them.

Until Next Time,


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March Favorites

Hey everyone so happy today to talk about my March Favorites, not too many but still they are pretty interesting products, Enjoy!!

Products Mentioned:

  • La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel
  • Bioderma Solution Micellaire
  • NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray
  • Hourglass Dim Light Powder
  • Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush
  • Benefit Blush Brush for Contouring
  • elf Liquid eyeliner
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner in Intense Black

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Is Kat Von D too much for me? And what’s been going on?

Traveling this week to visit my family…Yay!! I am very excited and happy every time I get to see them. Anyways today while doing my Packing list I thought about talking a little bit new products I’ve been using for the past couple of weeks.


First of all let’s start with Kat Von D Lock – It Tattoo Foundation I purchased this in exchange to my Laura Mercier  – Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free which I must say did not cause a big of an impact for me, and makes me prefer way more drugstore brands besides this one, I also thought it was overpriced for the results it delivered. As I was returning this one I thought I would try the Kat Von D foundation because I heard great things about it, especially for Oily skin.

Well I got it, and let me just say this, foundation is very full coverage, I’ve never seen or tried something like it, a little bit goes a long way and photographs really nice, the package comes with a pump which is always something I give big kudos to because it is easier to apply, and it comes with a lot of product (30 ml), price wise is not that expensive as other brands at $34.00 USD and If you have oily skin this would work for you.

Now, you must be shocked of my next following words, I will be returning this product. It is not that the product is not a love, and it really is a great foundation, but I consider is too heavy for me, I tried applying it with my beauty blender to give it a more sheer appearance, but all the time it looks as if I am wearing a lot of makeup, which for an office employee that might give a different impression lol…

This is NOT a bad foundation in all means, and it did work for my oily skin, I was not a shiny ball after a long day, even after going to the gym. But it’s just not suited for me. However it depends on what you are looking for, as I said it looks great in pictures, but in person I look like wearing makeup, lots of it.

The next product I have is from Clinique OMG this is freaking cute, I saw it and fell in love, you know how much I love blush, so they released new blushes with great colors they are called Cheek Pops  I abstained myself in only getting one so I purchased Berry Pop which is a beautiful color I love it pigmentation is very good they are not chalky and you can really build the color up.

And the last thing I have is my new love, my must desired for years Tory Burch flats, these things men they are expensive, but are so beautiful and look so nice with everything. The perfect flat for work, going out, hanging with friends, etc. I am still in the process of breaking them in to see if the theory it’s true that they will become the comfiest pair of flats ever. But so far so good I love them and have been wearing them nonstop.

Until Next Time,