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Christmas Season and Writing Lessons

I love Christmas Season I simply do…I know that for the last couple of years my life has changed and the way I used to celebrate is totally different now (I didn’t have a Christmas Tree last year, cuz I was moving) but I am getting better this year. It is weird how sometimes you think that you have things sorted out but you simply don’t, because life comes and gives you unexpected opportunities.

Christmas season always gives me the inspiration for writing, the feeling of having a little time off from work, focus on the things I enjoy doing and I can’t normally do because I am crazy busy with other things. The feeling of having some “me time” to sit in my desk in front of the laptop and start typing while my oldie but goodie John Mayer tracks go on its invaluable.

This takes me back to my first years of writing, when I was too afraid to publish my thoughts to the world because I was too worried that people would not like it or point it out. Well, now at 30 years I decided that “life is just too short and I don’t care anymore”. I think that motto has taken me more places than I expected, maybe because when you stop caring about what others think is when you really start living and enjoying what you do.

Happy Holidays

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Christmas Carols and Funky Glasses

Hello everybody, so I hope that everyone had a great Christmas full of family, friends, happy people and gifts (if you are into them). Well holidays for me happened to be AMAZING, I got a very well-deserved rest and I am full of batteries ready to start writing again (which is something I did miss).

So yep for these festivities we went with my parents, had some excellent food, and played a lot of board games, I actually ran on the 24th to the Dollar Store to buy some funky prices for the games. You would not believe but this was the most wanted price:

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